Scarface Kitty

Have you ever had a seemingly indestructible cat?  I seem to have.  I picked up a cat for mouser duties several years ago.  This cat was soon in our hearts.  He is the kind of cat when you pick him up, he turns in to a puddle of mud.  Melts into your hands and would slide right out if you didn’t hold him up.  Totally trusting and relaxed big fluff ball.

About a year in to owning this incredible cat, we had a visit to our door from a stranger.  The stranger cared enough to stop and come to our door to ask if we had a white and orange cat, that he thinks has just bounced off the tires of his car.  I thought for sure we were never going to see that cat again.  Oddly enough he was back in action three days later.  Just with a few extra kinks in his tail and slight limp.  When we were able to pick him up again we discovered a large rack of ribs were missing from his side.  Doesn’t seem to bother him.  huh?  Weird.

One day upon entering our barn.  Cat/Meoweth was in the rafters, apparently trying to catch the little birds.  I must have spooked him when opening a stall door.  He fell straight down.  Landed on a ladder sitting on it side, with his hips.  He quickly gathered himself before I could even take one step in his direction and slinked off.  Again, I was for sure I would never see that cat again.  Oddly enough, he was on our porch that very eveing as if nothing happened, but with a little funk to his walk.

Lots of stuffle could be heard all night on the porch.  Cats growling, our dogs in the house getting anxious.  I thought must be a strange cat or dog in our yard eating the cats food.  I took out my garbage in the morning, only to find a large oppossum in my garbage can sleeping.  I freaked!  No one would help me get it removed, so I covered the can quickly and waited for S. to come home to take care of it.  Didn’t see Cat all day.  Next day he shows up with a large bump right at the base of his tail.  It was very sore to the touch.  Oh dear!  The oppossum must have scratched him or something and it was infected.  The huge hard puss pocket stayed with him for about a month, until it was all healed.  Phew!

One fine day, early this winter, I noticed Cat growling at all the kittens when ever they approached him as he waited at the door for me to let him in.  Then I noticed….a huge bite mark on his hiney!  His ear was bent and puffed up like a Sopaipillas.  He was in pain.  A lot of pain!  He wanted to be loved by us but no one else was to touch him or even look at him.  He followed me everywhere I went when outside, growling at any dark area or movement as if protecting me from whatever got him.  Of course at this time, I had finally arranged for him to be neutered, so that had to be put off.  He took a long time to heal from this and I was worried that he would get rabies from such a bite.  After lots of discussion with animal professionals, we figured it was a coyote that had got him.  I waited and waited for a sign that his personality had changed or was getting ill from the infection developing in the bite.  I waited for a long time and watched the bite puss, scab, and reappear as stupid Cat kept trying to clean it.  But oddly enough he came out of it just fine.  A small spot on his butt with less hair than the rest but in no shape worse than before.

Now, he returns home from a night of marauding about with two big gashes across his face.  These I will not worry about.  I have obviously seen worse on this cat.  But I am not talking about little scratches here.  These are gashes!  What does my cat do to get in so much trouble?!  How many lives does this cat have left to live?  I wonder, can he die?!  Do I have “supercat”?  Nothing seems to keep him down no matter how bad.  I love my cat.  His new name Scarface.


2 thoughts on “Scarface Kitty

  1. Oh I LOVE your kitty story! You know…I have been thinking for a while how much fun it would be to get a little videocam for my cats – if I ever do – I will have to loan it to you for a couple months too – LOL! What a cat!

  2. Ah – bless him. We’ve had a really accident-prone cat in the past (I should write some of his stories one day, he really was a feline accident-waiting-to-happen).

    I think his scar just makes him look *distinguished* 😉

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