This korean dessert called mochi is one of my favorite desserts. It is a rice cake filled with bean paste. Of course, now a days, mochi is coated and mixed with all sorts of flavorings to change it up and allow creativity to this traditional dessert. When I had gone to ChinaTown in NYC I was fortunate enough to be there during the Chinese new year and Mochi/Diafuku was really prevalent. I grab all sorts and gobbled many down. It was not completely satisfying to me though, as I knew this treat was easy to make, but I just didn’t have the recipe and ingredients to make some myself. Luckily there is the internet! On youtube I found hundreds of forms of Mochi making videos and grabbed the simplest recipe for them and prepared my list of ingredients. The recipe I used can be found my going to this link on youtube: After watching several times to ensure I wasn’t missing anything I hopped in my car and headed to a recommended oriental grocery in town. Thanks Leigh!! I was very excited and was greatly helped by the folks working in the grocer to find the red bean paste and the sweet rice flour I needed.
I have been putting off making them for a week or so, since I was really busy as of late with my hands and I knew this wasn’t going to be my prettiest first try.
Well, here are some pics of the results and they are delicious. I think next time I might just cut up my mochi for dipping in the Red Bean paste rather than try to fill them. That was a pain. I think I will try sesame seed paste next time as well for filling/dip, since I absolutely love sesame mochi.


Also, here is the really super simple recipe:

1 cup Sweet Rice Flour

1/2 tsp salt

3 1/2 T sugar

1 cup Water

3/4 cup Red Bean Paste


Mix rice flour, sugar, salt together.  Add water stirring slowly until throughly mixed with no lumps.  Cover bowl with Plastic wrap.  Place in Microwave for three to four mintues until mixture is cooked into a spongy texture.  Stir for at least three minutes, will be stiff and sticky.  Place dough on well cornstarch floured surface and shape into two inch thick, 15 inch long snake.  Cut into even pieces.  Pinch into disks and place a spoonful of red bean paste in the center and pinch closed.  Do the same for each peice of dough.  Lightly coat exterior with cornstarch.  EAT!!!  Do not refrigerate.(They get very stiff, but still taste good)  These really are best to be eaten the day of making with many friends.  Enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “Mochi!!

  1. YUM!!!

    The sesame paste ones are absolutely my favorite snack. Those look so yummy. I agree though, about just dipping mochi squares in red bean paste…much easier!

    Next you can try red bean turnovers or buns.


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