OMG!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to present the first ever original collaboration between Ali Koerper and myself!  I posted a while back that I sent off some yarn I spun up and dyed into shades of red to a dear old friend in California.  She has finished her crocheting and sent it to me asap!  It is especially lovely to me, but beyond my own bias I feel it  is amazing!  Look at this lovely hat she created with it!!

Love it!!!!

And!!  Sock Progress!!!!

I have completed the leg, the heel flap and heel turn!  This is very exciting!!  On Friday I begin the Gusset.  It has taken a long time to get to this point but by doing it this way I am feeling very confident about making the next one and really understanding how the sock all goes together.  I am so thankful for the time and patience LC has had with me, teaching.  I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgable friend to guide me with this challenging new learning experience.


Shakespeare Rehersal #3

Today was our third meeting for our homeschooling groups Shakespeare Play rehearsals.  We are putting on the play Midsummer Nights Dream sometime in June.  The kids have had fun learning about pretending/acting and memorizing lines, using all sorts of fun games.  We are blessed to have so many people in our community as homeschoolers with a lot of experience in theater.  Here are some pictures of today.  We first began our meeting coming up with some rules of conduct together with the kids so no one is lost in the shuffle.  Afterward, there was too much to tell.

It looks like this is going to be something B. will like to actually be apart of and T. will take a behind the scenes role.

A Saturday

Our Saturday, March 28th, began slow.  We didn’t have any plans, but I knew I had to get out and do something fun.  So we made plans to go up north to Syracuse.  Our day would begin at Samrat Indian Restaurant for lunch.  That was absolutely delicious and peaceful.  The place is in the middle of all kinds of hussle and bustle of the campuses and hospitals, but strangely hidden.   On the third floor of what looks to be a building under construction.  This little quaint nice Indian yummies sits.  The poeple are really nice and polite and the buffet has all the best stuff and so much to it!!!  The menu is superb!  I love everything about this little place.  I get the Sag Paneer, as that is my favorite dish and S. gets his Vindaloo!  Mango Lassi’s for everyone, of course.  Full bellies and what seems hours later, we exit and move on to our next stop.

The Carousel Mall.  We have never been.  Very nice mall with many rules that are adhered to by all.  No child under 18 is allowed to wander the mall without parental supervision.  There are signs for Codes of Behavior upon entering.  The atmosphere is bustling but filled with fun.  We went straight up, it has five floors, three are for public use.  The third floor has the movie theater with what looks like about 20 screens.  We got out tickets for Monsters vs. Aliens and enjoyed comfortable and fun entertainment.  The movie was hilarious and I think I want to own it.

After my stomach had finally digested enough food to make room for a little more it was time to leave the theater.  I headed straight for the smoothie vendor.  I had been craving one all day!  Blueberry delicious!  We each had one.  Time to check this place out while heading in the direction of our exit.  Good move on our part.  There is so much there!  Teavana!!  What a great store!! ALL TEA ALL THE TIME!!  We picked out two kinds of fruity tea and brought home the “Perfect Tea Maker”  It really is!!  What a great device.  Put your loose leaf tea in craft, pour hot water in or microwave with water in it, steep, place craft on cup and out the bottom comes your tea with no leaves in it!  I love it!!!

The Guitar Outlet, had B. in heaven.  I allowed  him to take an Electric down and hook it to an Amp.  He played for close to a half an hour.  He was having a fun time feeling it out.  Someday, maybe.


Then we headed to the Toy Store.  Filled with all sorts of fun activities and play tables, T. had it all!  We looked at everything and came up with some neat ideas for home.  T. got to sit at the play tables and handle all the Thomas stuff and more!


We also found a gaming store that had tournaments being played that afternoon of all sorts.  Magic and WarHammer were the two I remember.  They were expensive fees for the tournaments, but there were still plenty of folks there.

So all in all, a pleasant afternoon.  I was exhausted but charged by all the fun we had.  It has been three days and I still have left overs from our lunch.  They serve quite a bit of food!!

I love Ice Cream!

On March 27th, Friday, I gave myself a present.  Afterall, I had been an obligatory “Mean Mom!!” for the past two days straight!!  I was on a rampage was more like it!  Sick to Death of the filthy room of T.!   I just couldn’t take it anymore!  I went berserk and had him clean his floor.  Yes, folks it took him two days to pick up his floor, only!!!  You don’t even want me to tell you what was on his floor.  YUCK!!!  It would have taken me about half an hour to complete this task, but I was feeling very “put out” at that thought and had him do the whole thing by himself, with only me being his “boss” the entire time.  I think he really got the feeling of exactly how it is being a slave.  Did I mention that we have been watching “Roots” over the past two weeks to cover this particular aspect of history?  It was horrible, but being stubborn and relentless as I am, it gone done.

I deserved a treat.  Yah!  I did and maybe so did the child!  😛

In all seriousness, this is our favorite ice cream place to go in New York.  It is less than five minutes from my house, which explains, partly, why it is our favorite. hehe  The name: “Humdingers”!  Opens in March till as late as they can stay open for.  This was our first trip of the year and it was worth all the effort of coming up with an excuse to go.

Root Beer Floats, Peanut Butter ice cream, cookie dough, coffee, chocolate, rocky road(not your typical one either…this one even has nerds in it..more better name garbage can…they use everything!) and so much more!  All mouth watering and creamy goodness.

And another moment for me to sit and soak in the sun!

Park Review!

Homeschooling Playgroup on Wednesday the 25th of March, was to be held at my house. Yikes! I couldn’t even fathom the idea with all the little baby chicks smelling up everything and coating all objects with a lovely layer of dust and feather. It was horrifying to say the least to have my friends in my home when it was in this shape. Luckily, the days forecast was to be stupendous! It was a perfect warm spring day! I changed the location to a local park our group had never attended before. Hider Park. It was a lovely little find and I am so glad to have found it. I am posting lots of pictures so you can see just how multi-generational this park is!! Great for the “little little’s” and the “big kids”, as well as, great for the moms! The pavilion is right next to the play area. The play area has objects for every age group. The playing fields are in great shape with out lying areas for kids to explore in. I was able to sit in the sun for the first time since early fall and soak it all in. I even came home with my first sun tan of the season!!!


Book Sale- Binghamton, NY

The details:

Sale is Wednesday April 22 from 6-8 pm at the UU congregation 183
Riverside Dr Binghamton

Children’s books, educational games and toys, curriculum.

We will have tables set up for free items. We always have lots to give away.

Vendors can contact me Amy Obermayer aoberm2073@gmail.com. There is a
$10 fee to sell at the sale. Vendors can show up to set up tables at
5:00. I’ll give out the rest of the details of how to prepare when

Happy Ostara!!!!

The first day of Spring!!  For us Pagan folk we celebrate the Vernal Equinox also called Ostara.

I woke this morning to find my boys following the trail of Hare Poo (jelly beans) from their rooms to the baskets found on the couch.  Each basket was brimming with all sorts of fun goodies.  T. found some personalized items in his which consisted of a coyote pendant necklace and a wooden croaking frog.  B. found a custom made leather cuff with a Celtic clasp.  They both received exploding frogs and candy covered marshmallows, both found on Etsy, btw.  Each had a cake in the shape of a frog with green frosting and much more.  Everything was fun!  We ran outside(it is very cold today) and threw poppers on the ground to help wake the earth.

After basket raiding and making our morning Ostara calls to family, we headed out side again to Hunt for eggs!  B. finished finding his 16 in record time. S. helped T. find his 16.  After exploring the sweets found in the eggs it was time to get some kind of substance in our bellies.  Off to Denny’s for breakfast. Haven’t been there in years, but it fufilled my need for them to have some kind of substance to thier breakfast without me having to cook. 😛

Now, the rest of the day is ours to make of it what we want.  We will watch “Peter Cottontail” and yesterday we watched “Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind” for our spring themed movies.  If it were warmer I would love to take a short hike and gte some outside time, but I think we will have to find alternatives for today.

We were very blessed today, in that, S. had today off from work so he could join us in celebrating the first day of Spring.   I wonder what today will bring!

You will also notice that we are all wearing the same shirt.  We purchased these colorful, most entertaining, evilish, shirts from Woot.com to celebrate this day.  LOL  The title of the shirt is, “You outta try this.”  I love the expressions of the horrified little bunnies staring at the oblivious carnivorous bunny!  Hysterical in my, I Love Gross boys, way!  LOL LOL  Too funny!!!