Happy Ostara!!!!

The first day of Spring!!  For us Pagan folk we celebrate the Vernal Equinox also called Ostara.

I woke this morning to find my boys following the trail of Hare Poo (jelly beans) from their rooms to the baskets found on the couch.  Each basket was brimming with all sorts of fun goodies.  T. found some personalized items in his which consisted of a coyote pendant necklace and a wooden croaking frog.  B. found a custom made leather cuff with a Celtic clasp.  They both received exploding frogs and candy covered marshmallows, both found on Etsy, btw.  Each had a cake in the shape of a frog with green frosting and much more.  Everything was fun!  We ran outside(it is very cold today) and threw poppers on the ground to help wake the earth.

After basket raiding and making our morning Ostara calls to family, we headed out side again to Hunt for eggs!  B. finished finding his 16 in record time. S. helped T. find his 16.  After exploring the sweets found in the eggs it was time to get some kind of substance in our bellies.  Off to Denny’s for breakfast. Haven’t been there in years, but it fufilled my need for them to have some kind of substance to thier breakfast without me having to cook. 😛

Now, the rest of the day is ours to make of it what we want.  We will watch “Peter Cottontail” and yesterday we watched “Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind” for our spring themed movies.  If it were warmer I would love to take a short hike and gte some outside time, but I think we will have to find alternatives for today.

We were very blessed today, in that, S. had today off from work so he could join us in celebrating the first day of Spring.   I wonder what today will bring!

You will also notice that we are all wearing the same shirt.  We purchased these colorful, most entertaining, evilish, shirts from Woot.com to celebrate this day.  LOL  The title of the shirt is, “You outta try this.”  I love the expressions of the horrified little bunnies staring at the oblivious carnivorous bunny!  Hysterical in my, I Love Gross boys, way!  LOL LOL  Too funny!!!


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