A Saturday

Our Saturday, March 28th, began slow.  We didn’t have any plans, but I knew I had to get out and do something fun.  So we made plans to go up north to Syracuse.  Our day would begin at Samrat Indian Restaurant for lunch.  That was absolutely delicious and peaceful.  The place is in the middle of all kinds of hussle and bustle of the campuses and hospitals, but strangely hidden.   On the third floor of what looks to be a building under construction.  This little quaint nice Indian yummies sits.  The poeple are really nice and polite and the buffet has all the best stuff and so much to it!!!  The menu is superb!  I love everything about this little place.  I get the Sag Paneer, as that is my favorite dish and S. gets his Vindaloo!  Mango Lassi’s for everyone, of course.  Full bellies and what seems hours later, we exit and move on to our next stop.

The Carousel Mall.  We have never been.  Very nice mall with many rules that are adhered to by all.  No child under 18 is allowed to wander the mall without parental supervision.  There are signs for Codes of Behavior upon entering.  The atmosphere is bustling but filled with fun.  We went straight up, it has five floors, three are for public use.  The third floor has the movie theater with what looks like about 20 screens.  We got out tickets for Monsters vs. Aliens and enjoyed comfortable and fun entertainment.  The movie was hilarious and I think I want to own it.

After my stomach had finally digested enough food to make room for a little more it was time to leave the theater.  I headed straight for the smoothie vendor.  I had been craving one all day!  Blueberry delicious!  We each had one.  Time to check this place out while heading in the direction of our exit.  Good move on our part.  There is so much there!  Teavana!!  What a great store!! ALL TEA ALL THE TIME!!  We picked out two kinds of fruity tea and brought home the “Perfect Tea Maker”  It really is!!  What a great device.  Put your loose leaf tea in craft, pour hot water in or microwave with water in it, steep, place craft on cup and out the bottom comes your tea with no leaves in it!  I love it!!!

The Guitar Outlet, had B. in heaven.  I allowed  him to take an Electric down and hook it to an Amp.  He played for close to a half an hour.  He was having a fun time feeling it out.  Someday, maybe.


Then we headed to the Toy Store.  Filled with all sorts of fun activities and play tables, T. had it all!  We looked at everything and came up with some neat ideas for home.  T. got to sit at the play tables and handle all the Thomas stuff and more!


We also found a gaming store that had tournaments being played that afternoon of all sorts.  Magic and WarHammer were the two I remember.  They were expensive fees for the tournaments, but there were still plenty of folks there.

So all in all, a pleasant afternoon.  I was exhausted but charged by all the fun we had.  It has been three days and I still have left overs from our lunch.  They serve quite a bit of food!!


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