Park Review!

Homeschooling Playgroup on Wednesday the 25th of March, was to be held at my house. Yikes! I couldn’t even fathom the idea with all the little baby chicks smelling up everything and coating all objects with a lovely layer of dust and feather. It was horrifying to say the least to have my friends in my home when it was in this shape. Luckily, the days forecast was to be stupendous! It was a perfect warm spring day! I changed the location to a local park our group had never attended before. Hider Park. It was a lovely little find and I am so glad to have found it. I am posting lots of pictures so you can see just how multi-generational this park is!! Great for the “little little’s” and the “big kids”, as well as, great for the moms! The pavilion is right next to the play area. The play area has objects for every age group. The playing fields are in great shape with out lying areas for kids to explore in. I was able to sit in the sun for the first time since early fall and soak it all in. I even came home with my first sun tan of the season!!!



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