Syracuse Zoo Visit

Yesterday, the 29th, we finished up our lessons after a rocky start and picked up our dear friends, the Chens, for a day at the Zoo.  An hour drive is tough for the little ones, but they made it all the way.  The syracuse Zoo is bigger than our RossPark Zoo, but not by too much.  We had a yummy GFCF lunch I made for the boys and.  I brought a lot of snacks and so did Leigh.  We were prepared!!  We both are GF, but for different reasons.

I am totally loving my Boonshaft Museam Membership!  I get in so many places with this membership; Zoos, Museums, Childrens Museums and  Science Museums!


Ross Park Zoo, Binghamton, NY

Yesterday, we went to the Local Zoo, Ross Park Zoo, after we picked up B. from Shakespeare rehearsal.  It was over 90 degrees out and the path is mostly shaded, but mostly up hill(really steep hill).  We has water and how camera, so off we went to explore the zoo.  They are building many new structures for the animals and some new animals.  I was very happy to see all the construction.  This Zoo has been a special needs case for a while.  I am thrilled to think that they are recieving funds to really update and care for it properly.

We were fortunate that we only ran into a few other visitors while touring the grounds, so it was quiet and peaceful.  The animals were all very cooperative with my camera.  I didn’t even try to enter the greenhouse/bird house.  It was just too hot.  I couldn’t even imagine how muggy it would have been in there.

After our hour long hike and animal viewing I realized I had given myself Heat Stroke and flew home to rest and chug water as much as possible.  It was a hard evening.  But totally worth it.

Nature Notes

This post had TONS!!  of pictures from my area that fascinated me this week.  All pertaining to nature, so enjoy!


B. is cranking out his mathematics work in Fractions, Decimals, Algebra and Geometry.  In his Geometry study he has taken it upon himself to study out of Jamie Yorks Middle School Mathematics Manual.  He has created several drawings that reflect some of the properties he is learning about.

We are getting there.

Dr Seuss Swap

It is so exciting!  I finally was able to send off my package to my ravelry partner for our Odd Duck Swap themed Dr. Seuss.

I spent a lot of time knitting up a huge Horton stuffed animal from, “Horton Hears a Who”.  I ordered two books and a soy candle for the package, then placed in Horton Hears a Who animated video and a dark chocolate bar. Lastly, I gave her two skeins of lovely Susan B. Bunny’s Sock merino/tencel yarns in plummy colorway.  Here is the link to the ravelry post,

Don’t know if it will work foryou, but I was able to contain myself long enough after I completed filling my box to take a couple pics of Horton before sending it off.

Happy 10th Birthday!

Out Theme: Knights

Our agenda:  Folks arrive.  As the children arrive their names are jotted down on a list in order they arrive. Children are encouraged to create their very own shield using stickers and markers.  Once all have completed their shield we proceed with the Joust!  The Joust consists of 2 Hoppity Balls and 2 Foam Floaty sticks.  Each child is paired with whomever they closest arrived at the party.  Each take two turns to gain points for a body hit or knocking each other off their “Steed” in passing.  The points are tallied and the next set joust and so on, until eliminations brings us to the winner with the most points.  Afterward it is just fun to bounce around on the hoppity balls.  The winner recieved a lovely dragons goblet.  Next we must slay the dragon(pinata), but the children found a note inside, instead of treats.  The Note read, “You may have slain me, but it is already too late.  I have hidden three dragons eggs that will soon hatch and avenge me.  Find the eggs and you will find the Kings tresaure.”  So off the children went to scavenge for three eggs.  Which upon opening they discovered weird writing they had to decode.  INT-HEDO-GHOUSE  Once they found the treasure(pinata) they broke it open and discovered it full of coins(plastic) and gemstones(real ones!).  Immediatley they received their goody bags to place their treasure in.  Inside the good bags they each received a handmade candy covered marshmallow, exploding frog soap, two knights figures, and a glow in the dark wrist band.  On to presents!  T. received some great presents which he was really thankful for.  After playing with all his new goodies, it was time to have cake and ice cream.  Mind you we are Gluten Free and Casein Free.  We had a triple layer chocolate cake(GFCF) with chocolate frosting and four different kinds of Ice Cream(coconut milk based) and it was all absolutely decedant!  Everyone played for a little while longer to burn off all the sugar, then retreated to their homes.

I took a lot of prep work for this party and it really paid off.  It went smoothly, with only T. having a breakdown in the midst of it, but we veered around that few moments.  All the kids seemed to have had a good time.  I was exhausted, but in a good way.  Enjoy the pics.  Too bad I didn’t get any pics of the cake!  Amazing!!  I am so glad it came out well.  I have never made a triple layer before so it was a first for everyone in my family.  And not one kid new any difference between my GFCF mix than regular mixes.   Same with the ice cream!  Darn that was sooo good!!  So glad we found a source for Ice cream.  I couldn’t live without that! 🙂