Today was very slow to start. I was functional around 7:30am, but not quite awake. By 9iah, I was revving to go with no place to go. By 10am, the boys finally woke and started wandering the house. Why did they sleep this late? I have no idea!
I waited for breakfast to be eaten and chores to be completed before I pounced.
Surprise!! Today we are doing your C.A.T.!!! Aren’t you just so excited!! Standardized testing!!! Buggers!
Around 11ish I started B. taking his exam. We zipped through it, all the while I was having T. work on drawing a bit for a poem he chose out of “A Journey through Time in Verse and Ryhme” by Heather Thomas and doing a couple fractions pages from his “Key to….Fractions” workbook. By 1ish we completed the entire test and were on to better things. I am crossing my fingers that he did alright. I am not going to look over the test before sending. I just don’t want to know until I have to. Anyway! I ordered an IOWA standardized test for 8th grade in hopes I can skip eight grade completely with him and move onto highschool through Keystone National.
When he completed the test he said that he had trouble with long division of more than three digits in the numerator position and geography and American history’s timeline. Those I can work on easily enough with him.
I decided we need to support T.’s insatiable need to be with people by taking him to the Gym class offered by homeschoolers in PA. It was a blast. WE showed up a l;ittle late but it didn’t make a difference. They boys had lots of workout and fun with really great folks, especially the kids who really walked T. through all the rules and ins and outs of the games. It was super great to see these kids helping T., a total stranger. Not something I feel my current children’s social group would encounter. It was really nice. I, of course, got right in the middle of all the moms and was knitting with them and chatting it up. I had a good time too, even though I was anxious for the boys the whole time.
Afterward, I really wanted to get to the post office, but since they were not open, B.’s test won’t go out in the mail until tomorrow.
We hopped across town to the Skate Board park and the boys got out even more energy scootering and skateboarding. T.’s was trouble, since he was ensuing older kids into name calling fits. They thought he was a great toy. One day he will have to figure it out or get into trouble that I am not willing to save him from. This lesson is definitely one learned by consequences. As long as there isn’t too much blood, I will not stop the possible beating he may endure. Oddly enough, when it was time to leave, I got know big hissy fits. That is new and interesting.
I picked up pizza and S. from work and now am chilling out for the night. It was an overall good day even though I am a ball of nerves and T. being a brat all afternoon to me and B.
Not bad. Now for tomorrow….


One thought on “Testing!

  1. The gym class sounds fun – and how nice that the kids reached out to a newcomer! Like you said, not something we see enough of right now. Are there kids C’s age there? Do you think it would be something we should try? 🙂

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