April 3rd 2009

Our day started off in the usual manner of slowly rising and eating breakfast.  I  went through our list of ToDo’s in my head and decided before we go to our scheduled knitting lesson/playdate in the afternoon we should get some grocery shopping done.

We are changing our families diet over to a Gluten Free Casien Free Diet.  I am hoping that this change might help gives us better results with T.’s behavior and gut issues and all around be better for us health wise.  This change is huge.   We are all cheese and bread lovers in this house and are going to have to move through our emotional attachments to these foods together. I am not one to lean on during a craving, so this should make for some interesting exchanges between myself and the boys.  I am not sure how much support I am getting for my other half. but I do hope  we are all venturing into this diet with the intention of the enitre household being GFCF.  I really want to make every effort into this change.  I need a full trial over the next few years to see if this is going to make a difference for the better or not.  More than anything I need this HOPE!  My inner self is dark and dreary and tired.  I need some light hopful actions to keep my spirit intact.  Which as of late has n ot been the case.

While shopping we were encouraged to find several items on our list at our local grocer.  This bodes well for our pocketbook.  There are still other items we will have to find at other locations, but I feel quite satisfied by our initial effort to replace some goods in our cabinets this day.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have my rice milk back in my fridge.  I have been going too mong without it.  I love the light cold drink.  It really eases my tummy knowing I can drink this without having bloating and pains.  So yummy!!

Afterward we headed out to our dear friends, LC and her boys TC and OC.  It was my knitting lesson day!!  YEAH!!  I am know on the gusset of my sock and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see this becoming a real sock.  One I whole heartedly intend on wearing.  I am going to start the second one soon, so my lessons are refreshed as I go and I really need to purchase the book “Sensational Knitted Socks” by Charlene Schurch.  What a great guide.  The boys played fairly well and we had a few incidents that got my hair up but nothing out of the ordinary for my boys.  Still prety frustrating.  I enjoy learning from LC and chatting with her.  Grown up friends are hard to find and harder to enjoy since we all seem so busy these days.

I love this little tree in LC’s living room and have actually wanted a large plant for my indoor living spaces, too.  It is really cute, but I can’t stop myself from thinking it needs little gnomes and fairies and such all around it hidden in the branches and sitting at its base.  But everytime I walk out the door I forget about it.  Today, I am taking a picture so I will remember my thoughts and begin working towards making some little nuggets for the tree.

On our way over, the radio was going on and on about a shooting and streets being closed off.  When I actually focused my attention to the announcement I realized it was going on about my local civic center and here I am heading directly for that area of town for my knitting lesson.  This was somewhat shocking.  I knew I could not enter the area from the way we normally take with out running into overflow traffic from re-routing, so I called and received directions from another way.  We were only a mile from the shooting of 14 people.  We listened to the radio and checked our local news paper online for updates.  It was pretty nerve racking when we began receiveing calls from out of state regarding our safety and such, since it had apparently hit national news.  This was bigger than I thought.  Even President Obama and his wife had been in contact with our local leaders.  That was surprising.  We were safe the entire time as only the block in which the civic center resided was lockdown and all other locations were secluded from any effect.  I feel our government agencies handled the situation the best they could.   Just wish we knew what set the man off.  Maybe we could learn from this and avoid possible situations like this from occuring.

From what we heard during the Address given after the incident by the governer and other officials, this type of shooting has occured several times in the last month all over our country.  People are getting scared, hopeless, and angry at our current economical situation and I fear we are just seeing the beginnings of what can come of someone who has lost everything.  I can only hope we resolve our countries issues with out the rage and violence that we are seeing lately.

A Little Hope!

A Little Hope!


One thought on “April 3rd 2009

  1. Hi! Was just stopping by for my weekly visit. I love your BLOG. You are very brave to try the Gluten free diet! I know it helps tremendously around here. Although over time I could not hold out 100% so I just make sure I rotate it – gluten only happens a couple days a week and we seem to handle it better that way.

    Love, Kristie

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