Baby Chicks Update

It has been a little while since we obtained our Comet chicks and they are starting to look funny with all their pin feathers coming out.  They are easily quadrupel the size if not more.  I have m oved them out of my bathroom and into a large wooden container box from S.’s work and placed them on the porch.  Much better!!  I hate the dust chicks produce, it gets everywhere and stinks up the house.  They are eating like crazy!!!  These are fast growers and I can see why.  Ravenous!

Here are tons of pics for your entertainment.


One thought on “Baby Chicks Update

  1. Are you planning on butchering them when they mature or are they for egg production? How many chickens do you have now?

    We had several broods last year all from 2 hens and ended up going from 6 to 35 chickens by the autumn. Lost some over the winter and now don’t know how many we have as they have separated into multiple flocks. So far I’ve got two hens brooding. It will be interesting to see what happens with the poultry explosion this year. That is if I can keep the puppy from eating all the eggs. Sigh.

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