Miracle Meal

I am feeling the loss today. Not having my man around makes me batty. Though, I am sure as he reads this, his comment will be, “You are already batty” or “That’s new how?”. He is just that kind of loving guy! LOL Actually, it is his humour that makes these long days seem to go by smoother and I can’t wait for him to come home!

Tonight, I pulled another meal outta my A**! I call it a miracle! The simple fact that I havn’t regularly cooked for this household in such a long time, I just don’t have all those stored family favorites and staples in my head like I used to. On top of that, I am trying to implement Gluten Free Casein Free cooking. Just to add another challenge to my cooking ability.

Well, I somehow managed it again tonight! Though. I didn’t get a picture, it came out beautifully!!

GFCF Seafood Pasta Dinner

1 package of Notta Pasta Spaghetti GF
1 package frozen Jumbo Shrimp
1 can of Boiled Oysters
Olive Oil
Minced Garlic
a couple pinches of basil and salt
a splash of vodka

I took the shrimp and thawed it thoroughly. Covered the bottom of a small baking dish with Olive Oil(Several Tablespoons, if not a 1/4 cup). Dumped the can of boiled oysters in that and the shrimp with a pinch of basil. I stirred it all up and placed it all in the oven set for 400 degrees. I let that cook for about 20 minutes. In the last 10 minutes, I heated the water for the pasta to boil. I placed the pasta in per instructions and in three minutes the pasta was perfect!
I grabbed a jar of vodka sauce from the cabinet to accompany my meal, too.
I stirred up the seafood dish and placed some on top of my pasta. Delicious!!!!!
I did place a little sauce on the side to see if I liked the addition or is it would be too much flavor, but it was great too!!
I served fresh cold green grapes with our meal. Very refreshing.

Somehow, I managed another impromptu Miracle Meal!!
I am so proud of myself.

As for today’s events, After our plans to play at a dear friends had been thwarted by illness, we promptly became very bored. The frumpiness was contagious and I got irritated very quickly about that. I tried involving them in all sorts of ideas for projects and such but with no luck. So finally with the help of my friend, LC’s, advice, I turned over the idea making to them. Finally, I was kinda gettnig somewhere, but the attitude was overshadowing everything. I got fed up with that and moved on to actually going out and doing something entertaining, without the frump. We went to the library and found some new reading. And I sent off another set of books I am selling in hopes of having some money for fun things for T.’s birthday party.

I also ran into an inspiration online. A blog I was reading today noted that they attended a Homeschool Nature Study group. What a brilliant idea!!! I ju mped on the bandwagon and sent out feelers to the Homeschool group I am apart of to see what others would think this was a good idea. So far two have responded and I hope more do. There are some really great ideas running through my head and can only imagine what would come of more inspired parents and children. This could be a really fun and educational aspect of our lives. I am psyched about the thought. Now, lets hope the other folks are as excited as I am.


3 thoughts on “Miracle Meal

  1. Oh, I know how you feel! Hubby is gone regularly for work (in fact, he left this morning for a few days), and the days always seem longer when I know he’s not going to walk through the door.

    And cooking when he’s gone – uh, if you want to call it “cooking” 😉 I tend to make super-easy meals (and one’s that hubby doesn’t like, like spaghetti).

  2. Oh, crap, I forgot the other thing I wanted to say! (blonde moment – couldn’t be helped!)

    Check to see if your library system has any books on hikes for kids for your area, or even try typing in those words (with your city) in Google. We ended up finding TONS of places to go on nature hikes really close to our house – some places even have guided tours for kids.

  3. we’re doing plaster of paris casts. it is good times. perhaps we’ll actually get organized enough to be systematic about it…

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