I am on a Roll!!

Once again, I had to figure out what we were going to have for dinner.  I scavenged our cabinets and freezers for anything I could cook with.  I soon was at a loss.  But I had a nice little nudge from the fridge when I had to move the full carton of eggs out of my way to see behind it and noticed the top of the carton was full of fresh eggs from our chickens this week.   Inspired with the thought  of something eggy, I put on my thinking cap.  I opened the freezer to find, Steak-um meat due to be used up.  So…..  I popped the meat in the pan and cooked it up and scrambled the eggs and mixed them together.  While that was going, I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what to make with this entree for veggies.

Then I remembered…..

I had placed a bundle of bananas in my freezer for just this type of occasion.  Slice em up and pop them in the blender and work them into a “Raw Banana faux Ice Cream”.  It wasn’t a vegatable, but it wasn’t bad for us either.  The boys thought this treat with dinner was fabulous!!!

Now, I knew I was going to be having some heavy portions of salsa on my eggs, and at least one other child as well, so I don’t feel very guilty about not figuring out a veggie.  I am actually pleased with myself.  New diet and limited resources available.  I have to say…I think I am doing pretty good for myself.


2 thoughts on “I am on a Roll!!

    • Loved it! I make it frequently now.
      I add in all sorts of frozen fruits, it is like my smoothies but thicker!
      We just love adding in all sorts variety from all different “genres” of food. 🙂
      It is so much fun!

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