Today I am beginning the IOWA 8th grade level tests to see if B. can skip eighth grade and enter into Keystone National High school. I have given him the tests in both mathematics and Language arts that they provide and both resulted in our contacting the administrator requesting high grade material for his course work, so I feel he might be ready to move onto 9th grade all together.
We will see. This test is long and tedious. It at least will give me an idea as to where further gaps are in his education, so I don’t feel as though we are wasting time by doing this, even if we find ourselves continuing with 8th grade level school work.

T. has been having more of a challenge with his cursive writing lately and is making me wonder what is up. His letters are more sloppy and choppy looking than before. He is at least finishing his school work each school day so that is a blessing.
Today we will go to the Greene Library after school work is complete and pic up some neat Native American Stories and such to help us have fun with our Newest unit. We begin Native American studies this week. I have several projects lined up for us. We will be making dream catchers, moccasins, leather pouches, and more. I hope to bring some shelter study into this with various forms of Native American shelters. I hope we have fun with this. I would like to build our own shelter to tell the stories in, but I haven’t really found a way to accomplish that.


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