Interesting Teeth changes

Last night T. came to me with a lower eye tooth in his hand.  This is the second tooth in the last two weeks.  Same one on the other side of his mouth last week came out.  We have completed the 9 year change, but for the most part we pretty much saw typical T. behavior, since he has never really developed much emotionally or mentally since around the age of 5 give or take a few years in either direction at times.  I am hoping that with all the pushing of school work and incorporating bodywork into our circle time, that we might possibly begin seeing some progress in his development.  I don’t think I will see huge dramatic changes in his personality or anything, but it would be nice to see some better body awareness and emotional control.

Hmmm… his personality.  That is a mixed bag right there.  Non-stop talking(really it never stops unless he is asleep), gorges food in his mouth, no concept of the importance of safety or hygiene, no willing to put any effort into mental challenges or physcially challenging activities, easily distracted, very persistent, hard time getting to sleep and stay ing asleep, gravitates towards anything aggressive, anxious in groups, always wants to be around others, seeks solitude only at inappropriate times(playgroups, parties), resistant to handy hand/finger work(writing, painting,drawing, knitting, clay), cannot easily catch a ball, has horrible balance, obsessed with screens, does not connect consequences with own actions, initial response to most anything is “No.”, does better emotionally in the winter, goes outside in freezing weather more often than during the warmer  months(without jacket), impatient, disrespectful and disregards all standing family rules, investigative/curious, impulsive, anxious about separation from mom, seems to have to be lead through this world and always in need of mediation of it.

I wonder what type of temperament he would fall under.  A very challenging but interesting child.


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