Today I am a Grandmother!

What?  How is this possible, you say?!  Her children are 10 and 13!  No.  It is not what you are thinking and I hope that may never be ther case.

Tonight,(as I was getting ready to leave the house for a chance away from the children) my goats began the kidding process.  The youngest goat was the first bred this winter and she gave birth to two kids tonight.  It was not the most graceful of birthing processes, I must say.  Kinda gross, as a matter of fact.  She wasn’t quite letting go of the placenta and I had to help with that, but later on she finally expelled the rest.

She had one buck(male) and one doe(female).  She had no idea what to do with them, other than clean them and call to them to imprint.  She took a really long time and so did the kids to figure out how to go about nursing.  She did finally figure it out, but it is clearly going to be touch and go with her.  I will have to watch carefully to make sure they are getting fed.  I stuck her and the newborns in a kidding pen in hopes of less moving about, so they have a better chance to suckle.

All in all, a successful first kidding.  I was surprised.  It totally figured she would have them at the very moment that I had an opportunity to finally get out of my house with out my children for a little while.  I will have to find another way for that to happen on another day.  Hopefully, these babes will thrive.  I am exhausted and stinky.  I must shower and hit the sack.

Enjoy the pictures.  There will be more in the morning, but these were the initial shots as we found them in the barn this evening.


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