Corning Museum of Glass

On Sunday we swung over to the Corning Museum of Glass to see what all the hype is about.   We found some spectacular art and had a really great glass works show.  What an example of being able to let things go.  Make this beautiful vase in just a few short minutes and then after seeing the finished product, dash it in cold water and shatter it in a million pieces.  Just heart stopping.  I choked.  My camera died, but I think that might have been a good thing.  I would have been in there for years trying to catalog all the wonderful pieces I found the spoke to me.  We even enjoyed some craft time and learned a little about my favorite drawing technique, Stippling.  I particularly enjoyed taking the shuttle to the museum.  Not that the walk was far and I know I should conserve, but there is something about taking little bus rides that makes the trip seem so much more fanciful for me.  The science exhibit of telescope lenses and window glass exhibit and manufacturing bottles exhibit were all really the best part for me.  Really hands on and playful.  Definitely worth the hour and a half drive and the admission fee.  We are planning another trip to enjoy a Hands On Create Your Own glass art project later this year.


One thought on “Corning Museum of Glass

  1. i always feel like it should be closer. at least the kids are free.

    we liked the sandblasting cause you take it home same day. and we’ll have to do it again, because mike broke his right away!
    think of us when you haul back out….

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