Seventh Grade Happenings

We finally finished the IOWA testing.  Now, I sit here and wait for the results to show up at my door.    We have been concentrating so much on Mathematics lately, that most everything else has been put aside.  Decimal, Algebra, Geometry, and Fractions have mostly been what we have been working on.  B. has continued to attend rehearsals for the Homeschool groups production of  “A Midsummer’s Dream”.  He is Bottom.  It fits his personality to a tee!!!  He has his lines down, but needs to work on cues.  They will be performing this play twice. Once for a friends and family show and then we are invited to perform at the Faerie Festival.  Our dear friend Bill Thorpe is the spear head of this festival.

B. is also beginning to attend Creative Writing Classes held at the Bundy Museum, taught by our friend LC.  He is going to enjoy this class I think.  If he can let go of spitting out facts and actually try to write fiction that doesn’t involve dungeons and dragons. LOL

We have continued on our Middle Ages studies.  We are beginning to enter into the Era of the Renaissance.    We are still trying to understand how to make Main Lesson Book pages of Beauty rather than boy mess. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Seventh Grade Happenings

  1. Beautiful drawings! And best of luck to your son in his production – hope you post pictures of the show 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks good! My son tends to rush and doesn’t like to finish things, it can be really frustrating, although he does seem to know his stuff (so it’s obviously gone in, but he’s pretty resistant on the writing front, apart from maths, he really likes maths).

    The geometry constructions look lovely on the page.

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