Making May Memorable! (cute alert!)

This morning I was doing a goat check, since our newest arrival happened unawares, I thought it would be best to check several times a day now for our last pregnant doe to give birth.  I was glad I did.  I noticed right away this morning that she was getting ready, so I moved her from the stall that she was sharing into the newly cleaned and “re-hayed” stall for the event.  Then, I sat and watched and watched.  All morning I watched and waited for the kids to drop.  Thankfully, before lunch she had given birth to two baby bucks.  The first one with a dark brown head and the second all white and creamy colored.  I am actually a little surprised to see that she didn’t have more than two.  She is huge!!!  I must be feeding them way too much, cause they are all fat!!  hehehe  All the babies we  have are big and healthy, so I am happy!

We had our friend Jacqui’s daughter join us today to watch the happenings.  She was a pleasure to have around.  I always find it such a relief to have another female within my home.  I am seriously outnumbered here with three males around me all the time.

So altogether now, we have five kid goats this season.  Two are does and three are bucks.  All three mamas are very proud and protective of their little wards.  Now we tackle the hoof trimming of the mamas soon.  This should be interesting as they are all really well over due for it.  And to find out who is going to de-horn these little ones, as I have no equipment nor enough knowledge to do such a procedure but most certainly must have it done.

Enjoy the pictures!!


2 thoughts on “Making May Memorable! (cute alert!)

  1. Hi,
    Cute goats. We raise Nigerians. Could I ask what grain u use? We use a sweet feed and wonder if it’s too much too but our 8 goats are all healthy. Waiting on 2 more babies. God Bless
    the goat nut Mary — we have a 9 yr old son who loves his “goaties.”

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