Memorial Day Celebrations

Beginning on Saturday we were prepping for the Annual Rayne Family Memorial Day Party.  This is always a great celebration hosted by a truly fabulous family.  No matter how hard things are for them or busy they are, this party is something they grace our community with.  Putting this event together is always a large challenge and I am so thankful they put in so much effort to make it happen every year.  It very much reminds me of the family parties I attended in my youth with my family, with the exception that these folks are my homeschooling community and friends, rather than  family.

Much winter clean up happens during the week prior to this fun event and I love being apart of it.  Getting dirty is not a problem for me.  It is fun!!  Even if it means cleaning up in the process. LOL  When it is all done, everything looks so shiney and new again.  A great beginning to the growing season!  Did I mention that this event happens on a working farm!  This family raises pigs, sheep, chickens and goats.  They have pleasure horses and assorted fowl whom reside and  play in the pond.  The care of all these animals year round is a fulltime job!!  Somehow between children, the house, church, community, jobs and more they find time to run everything naturally and with gentility of Saints!  I am always in Awe and find so much inspiration from this family.

I had somehow managed to injure my wrist so wasn’t much help in prep this year, but I finally got a picture of the pig for the pig roast.  😛  You’ll see!!!  We had a great time being outside working again as we hadn’t done much of that this year yet.  I don’t even have my garden going yet.

On Sunday, S. arrived back at their home to put the pig on at 6:30am.  It was a long day for these men, but it was worth it!!  The pig was finished before guests arrived!!  It tasted delicious!  And everyone, even the hosts actually got to have fun and particpate in their own party this year, rather than cooking etc..  It was a fun filled day with several performances through out the day.  Even my son B. played a few songs on his guitar.  There was a professional band that played two sets, called Voodoo Highway.  The lead singer is a homeschooling mother from our local group.  The bassist works at BAE with S. so he was pleasantly suprised.  A Highway Poet Motor Cycle Club member that we are friends with read some of his peices for the crowd.  Great stuff!!  And, of course, our lovly local fabulous musician, Jacqui Rayne, herself blessed us with a performance.  And More!  It was just an all around good time.  Hundreds of people from all over arrived and joined in the fun.  The night fell and the bonfire was lit.  Twenty foot flames arose and the heat was blazing hot.  After it settled down, smores were to be had!!  Before it got too late, we headed out to hit the sack.  We were all a little wired still, but were soon all asleep.  I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but my camera card ran out after videotaping Jacqui and B. performing.  Maybe next year I will come prepared with an extra memory card or some such.

The next day a hair came across our butts and our own procastrinated barn cleaning needed to be done.  I walked in and checked on all the mamas and found that whilst we were playing all day prior one of our mamas had a beautiful little doe.  I checked her all over and everything was well.  Good job little Mama!  We had some serious cleaning to do and we just cranked it out.  I was very glad to be done by 3ish in the afternoon.  Now each goat mama had a stall all to her own and the bunnies stall was all cleaned out.  Our compost pile is just massive!!!!  I wish I had a bulldozer to turn it every few weeks.  My parents came over that evening and we had hamburgers, watermelon, chips, mushrooms, baked beans, and hello.  Yum, giggly Jello!  We just sat around chatting.  It was relaxing.

I hope you had a good Memorial Day and found some time in your celebrations and such to honor those whom have passed with the designation of Vetran and any other family/friends that could use some remembering.  I know I am truly thankful for all that I have and know it is only possible due to the many who are brave enough to join our armed services.  Thank you!


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