Mini Golf

There is a local mini golf course that I had yet to try, so on one of the hot days this week, I took T.  We had a great time.  It was a little pricey for mini golf so won’t be something we do regularly.  $6 per adult and $5 per child over the age of 4.  It was hot and there are little shady spots and a pagoda to sit and relax half way through the course.  The fairways were challenging and fun.  “Mom, I like the driving range better. ” says T.  “Why?” says I. “Cause hitting harder is easier than hitting softly.” says the child.

LOL!   I then went into explaining that he should work harder and do m ore things that are harder so that he is equal in ability in both ways.  He accepted that.


Fiber Fridays

At Holiday Yarns, folks meet from 4-8ish pm to hang out and work on our projects, whether knitting, spinning, weaving or whatever.  Last Friday, when I was able to get out as a Birthday present to myself, I met up with a few friends from my more local Spinning Sunday and Tuesday Knitting Groups, there.   This usually leads to much humor and shenanigans.  So of course it ended with us doing just that.  It was another episode of “Thank god I am not drinking milk atm cuz otherwise it would have spurted out my nose” type of evening.  Good time had by all.

Below are pictures of us using Jen’s Pat Greens Super Carder.  I love this machine.   But, the more fly away fibers are a little, well, flighty.  At least in this case.  Fibers were whipping off the back of this machine like crazy.  It was really funny when Bugaboo and Shawlette tried to catch them and put them back on the carder.   One of those moments where I guess you had to be there.

So!  Go already!!  Every Friday or just any day of the week you are free and Holiday Yarns is open!  Beautiful local fiber artists commission there wares through her store and her line of colorways in both yarn and fiber are wonderful.  You can even build your own batt!  Huge assortment of fun colors and fibers to create your own fiber batt.  Jen is super helpful and always a pleasure to talk with.  Always worth the drive.  If you go on Friday evening you can even win a door prize!!  Hope to see you all there!!



Day 2 Faerie Festival; A Midsummer Nights Dream

Saturday, was dry and sunny!!!  The Faerie Festival was waking with the sun and wonderful performers were popping up everywhere.  The vendors were happy and the faerie folk were out to play!  The Homeschool Players were ready and I am pretty sure most parents were ready for this last performance to be done.

Still moist but warm and sunny, the children went on as scheduled.  The performance was fun and well played.

Afterward the families dispersed amongst the fair and found all sorts of interesting fun events to participate in.  Body Art, Faerie Fashion show, Jousting between the knights of the Holly and Oak Kingdoms, and great music. We even had a performance from a few friends from Musica Universalis before the play.  And we were fortunate enough to have been at the beginning of the Green Man march.  What great costumes!

Enjoy the pictures, again!

A Wet Day 1 of Faerie Fest

Set  up in an open circle was a challenge but the kids were up for anything.  They were perfectly flexible!  One  minute to show time and the sky opened up and poured down upon us for the entire performance.  Amazingly, these kids kept plugging along and not one complained, even through close drowning moments!! 😛

We even had an audience.  Wet, but really fun!!  B. had a most memorable moment of creating a huge SPLAT! upon falling to his death.  LOL!  All the Homeschool Players did such a wonderful job.  We are all so proud for them.

Mind you, all actors are getting poured on the entire time!!!  Enjoy the pictures!

A Midsummer Nights Dream performed at Faerie Festival NY

A Midsummer Nights Dream

On Monday evening I had the pleasure to watch all the homeschooled children whom choose to perform in the Shakespeare production of  “A Midsummer Nights Dream”.  After  months of practice and a very long day setting up the stage, 6:30pm rolled around at the Studio B of the Binghamton University.   The Director, Douglas Taylor( a homeschool father and minister at the Local UU) opened the show with a formal introduction and the play commenced.  All the children were wonderful!!  You could see how much effort they placed in to memorizing their lines and knowing when their cues were.  It was so much fun to watch.  I am of course very biased in my opinion as my son played Bottom the Weaver.  I was very proud of how well he performed.   All the parents who put time and effort into making all the props and guiding the children on and off stage was really wonderful to see.

I hope the children are really excited to perform again at the  Faerie Festival coming up on the 26th, 27th and 28th.  They will be performing on the Friday and Saturday of this event.  Very exciting, but I am sure very intimidating.

I am so thankful to have such dedicated parents and families within my homeschooling network.

I took the best pictures I could with my little camera but these children move fast!  hehe

The pictures are free for all to grab and add to your collections.

Sunday Spin Ins

For the last two Sundays the Knitting group from Ravelry that meets at B&N have met for some group spinning time.

I was very excited at ElsieDeluxe joined us this time and I was able to complete another skein of Orange Alpaca.  I am getting very close to having enough yarn for a lace pattern shawl for myself.  I do hope I can find help and a pattern so I don’t screw it up.  That would be really sad.

I brought some GFCF Cherrybrook Kitchen Brownies, which were yum!!  And had some delicious liquor with.  A big treat night for me.  I did get deathly ill that morning when I got home though.  Apparently my stomach wasn’t too happy with all the food I had during the Native American Festival and then adding these treats to it, within one day.

While our conversations went to all sorts of inappropriate  topics(the best ones in my opinion) we fell upon a couple of humorous instances.  I had to take pics!!!!

Firstly, there is BugaBoo whom can’t reach the floor while sitting in her own dining room chairs!

It may look it, but her feet really aren't touching the ground!!

It may look it, but her feet really aren't touching the ground!!

Then we had a wildly inappropriate happenstance!!  It was a good evening!!  Just so happens Yarngasm dropped her spindle and bent down to pick it up.  As she came up the alpaca fluff she was spinning stuck to her….

Too funny not to take picture and share with the whole world!!

Too funny not to take picture and share with the whole world!!

Sadly, I missed the shot of when she then stood up and walked across the room for treats and the same tuffed was stuck to another unmentionalbe body part!!!  It was a good night!!

I left around 12:30am, tired but really happy.  Not always the easiest thing to come by in my book.  I look forward to our next Spin-in.

Native American Festival

This last weekend T. and I attended a local small Native American festival.  We walked around the circle of vendors and appreciated all the interesting arts that created lovely beaded, leather, musical, and edible wares.  T. was very fortunate in the fact that normally a couple doesn’t  not allow children under the age of 13 to use a special spear (like a really long arrow), but they allowed him.  He did very well and after all the men folk had finished throwing about fifty of them at the “buffalo”(target of painted plastic) T. helped retrieve them all.

We ate yummy burgers from our friend Ken Millet of Night Eagle Cafe and enjoyed an ice cream from the ice cream truck.  Yeah my tummy paid for that!

The host tribe had two Mother Drums under the arch in the circle, which was really nice.  Two different groups sang and many folks danced.