Fireman Field Day!

Yesterday, we attended a huge fundraiser for a local Fire Dept.  Annually they have a carnival set up with games and contests and parades.  It is always a fun family event.  We settled in to have some carni lunch before the crowds rolled in.

We got there nice and early to check out what rides and games we wanted to hit first.  The sun decided it was going to cooperate with us and shined on all day.  Near the end of our stay we met up with out friends The Chens and went on a few rides with them.  B. did all the fast rides and T. found his favorites, Tilt-A-Whirl and Bumper Cars.(like 10 times on each ride)  We shot at cans and targets of all sorts with air guns and paint guns.  We played darts and baseball.  We won prizes and had an all around good time.  All to support our local FD’s.  S. in a voluteer Fireman in the town we live in, so these activities have a little more meaning this year.

Whilst watching the kids do crazy fun, crazy scary rides, I saw GOD!!!  It came to me in the shape of Fried Dough, but it was no ordinary sense of fried dough.  This was Deep Fried Oreo Cookies!!!!  Sorry no pics, they were eaten up way too fast for pictures.  OMG!!  Sinful in every way!!!  They were Damn Good!!!  I had two helpings. 😛

After eating God and sucking down a quart of lemonade and heat stroke setting in, it was time to leave.   S. was to particpate in the parade that evening, so he had to get over to his Station to prepare.  It would have been really nice to have seen him march and such with his Station but I was whipped and I have a feeling it won’t be the last time he marches in a parade.  I know he really enjoyed himself and is proud of what he does.  That is such a nice feeling and I can see the glow of pride.


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