Holy Holiday Yarns!!

The heavens part and the angels sing upon entering this lovely fiberific brick and mortar store in Dewitt, NY.  Located in the Shoppingtown Plaza Mall, I met up with the Lovely Jennifer V., the owner.  I was running late and she was nothing but helpful and accommodating to my frazzled self.  After I settled in, I devoured the store with my eyes and hands.  I touched everything!!!!  It was all so lucious.  I wanted to bring it all home!!!!

I was there for further instruction for dying yarns and fibers.  I, being totally unprepared and frazzled, did not bring my handspun, but grabbed some superwash merino roving instead.  It works.  We dived into playing with colors and lots of info on particular dyes.  It was so much fun!!!  I came home with 2 sections of roving dyed seperately and totally different.  I love them!!!  I was hoping to get more done for her while I was there, but I will have to do that another time.  We talked alot!  We had loads of fun!  I would love to do this more often.  We did Painting process.  Spread it out and squirt away!! Dying with fun folks makes the process a joy!  I need supplies!!  This was my second instruction on the dying process.

The first encounter with dying, other than koolaid play, was with my friend Twiggi34 from Ravelry B&N Knitting night on Tuesdays.  She is fabulous with color!  I brought four skeins of my handspun and we cranked out three olive skeins and one hunterish green.  Sooo Pretty!  It was so fun and I learned the kind of set up I should have in my house.  I just had so much fun.  I hope to be able to play and practice more with color and get my own supplies soon.  We did Kettle dying that day to produce the lovely colors.  Heat it up and dunk it in.

Here are some pictures of the results of both days.


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