Sunday Spin-ins

Our Ravelry Knitting Group got together for our first, of hopefully many, Spin-ins.  Many of the woman have acquired Spinning Wheels and thought it would be fun to spin together.  I am always up for group spin-ins.  They are always a blast.  Any gathering with group is particularly fun anyway!!

I won’t go into details of the night, but I will post the results of that one night.  One full bobbin from start to finish of the Orange Alpaca.  I also am posting a few pics of what I finished plying spinning this weekend.

Enjoy Fiber Porn Addicts!!

As you can see my camera was not cooperating with me, so the pics came out dark, but I will probably post better pics as soon as my Camera has had time to charge it’s battery.  One full skein of Superwash merino, two full skeins of Orange Alpaca completed.


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