Native American Festival

This last weekend T. and I attended a local small Native American festival.  We walked around the circle of vendors and appreciated all the interesting arts that created lovely beaded, leather, musical, and edible wares.  T. was very fortunate in the fact that normally a couple doesn’t  not allow children under the age of 13 to use a special spear (like a really long arrow), but they allowed him.  He did very well and after all the men folk had finished throwing about fifty of them at the “buffalo”(target of painted plastic) T. helped retrieve them all.

We ate yummy burgers from our friend Ken Millet of Night Eagle Cafe and enjoyed an ice cream from the ice cream truck.  Yeah my tummy paid for that!

The host tribe had two Mother Drums under the arch in the circle, which was really nice.  Two different groups sang and many folks danced.


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