Fiber Fridays

At Holiday Yarns, folks meet from 4-8ish pm to hang out and work on our projects, whether knitting, spinning, weaving or whatever.  Last Friday, when I was able to get out as a Birthday present to myself, I met up with a few friends from my more local Spinning Sunday and Tuesday Knitting Groups, there.   This usually leads to much humor and shenanigans.  So of course it ended with us doing just that.  It was another episode of “Thank god I am not drinking milk atm cuz otherwise it would have spurted out my nose” type of evening.  Good time had by all.

Below are pictures of us using Jen’s Pat Greens Super Carder.  I love this machine.   But, the more fly away fibers are a little, well, flighty.  At least in this case.  Fibers were whipping off the back of this machine like crazy.  It was really funny when Bugaboo and Shawlette tried to catch them and put them back on the carder.   One of those moments where I guess you had to be there.

So!  Go already!!  Every Friday or just any day of the week you are free and Holiday Yarns is open!  Beautiful local fiber artists commission there wares through her store and her line of colorways in both yarn and fiber are wonderful.  You can even build your own batt!  Huge assortment of fun colors and fibers to create your own fiber batt.  Jen is super helpful and always a pleasure to talk with.  Always worth the drive.  If you go on Friday evening you can even win a door prize!!  Hope to see you all there!!




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