Fishing with Dad and Playtime!!

We woke up early and I made a quick breakfast for us all.  We walked to the fishing spot with all our gear.  It was a lovely walk.  The air was crisp but warm and the spots of sun sparkled through the tree tops like little crystals.  A very refreshing morning.  After sorting fishing rods and worming everyones’ hooks we all cast out.  T. was the first to catch something.  A big sunfish.  There were many that day and a few other types of fish.  I don’t think the boys father was able to fish much, but when T. had stopped for a while I got in a few nice casts of my own.  I hadn’t been fishing in what seems forever.  I still enjoy the calm and the suspension that comes with the whole idea of it.  The sun was coming out and we had a playdate planned for that afternoon, so we packed up our gear and headed back to the house.

Once me and boys had stopped back at the house for lunch we were able to encourage Brian to join us at the playground with our dear friends Christina and Tristan, her son.  I have known Christina since our highschool years and we were very tight.  So much so, that I sadly fell for her boyfriend, my soon to be husband and father to my children.  It was very weird having that come between us when we were just coming out of our teens and into our adulthood.  Thankfully, she is forgiving and loving and we connected again a year before this visit.  I was soooo looking forward to seeing her again.  My boys and her son carry a very common bond, beside being ruthless fearless boys, they are all on the Autistic Spectrum.  They get along fabulously.  I wish we had never had such a long seperation between us.  It was wonderful to hang out with her again and relax right back into old patterns.  I was feeling very “HOME” now.  Brian joined us and it was like old time in High School.  Except we were secretly razzing on the kids instead of other high schoolers.  LOL 
When the clouds rolled in, we skuttled off for a dinner at home and some down time.  There it is again!!  RELAXING and DOWNTIME!!!  What the hell are these thing?!!  How do I find that again?!  It was bliss and stressful all at the same time.  What do I do to relax?  I dunno.


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