Independance Day!!

July fourth finally came and I was very excited for this evening.  The boys were very excited about the entire day.  It was time to see “Dad”!  We headed up to New Hampshire to thier father’s house first thing.  We unpacked and set up my big family size tent so the boys could stay over night with their father after the fireworks.  We go to the fireworks together every year. 

After the tent was set up and we played with Kimberly, the boys’ half sister, we went to my In-Laws.  I love them dearly.  Eugene and Lillian are really great with the kids and very loving.  I am very grateful for them.  It is very sad I don’t get to see them more.  The kids tore around the property as if they had never left and I sat and caught up with Lillian.  
We said our goodbyes for the night and headed down to the fireworks around 7pm-ish.  I was driving all of us, since the boys father had no means of driving. It was cramped but my car has third row seating which compensated for it.

We met up with Kara and then drove as close to the park as possible, four blocks away, to then walk to the field.  I waws prepared for the onslaught of light swords and necklaces and bracelets that everyone would want to have and packed $ and lots of dollor store glow in the dark finds.  We had found a few other family members there, most notably my nephew Ricki and my nieces husband, Jimmy.  We sat back and snacked on our treats and played with our glow in the dark or light up toys, then the sky was finally dark enough and the show began.  It was very fun and fufilling. I wish I had been able to get better pictures and more of them, but I had Tyler laying on top of me most of the time we were there, so I couldn’t really move.

We slowly got through all the traffic back to the boys’ father house and T. was not up to staying somewhere I was not.  I expected this though.  We left B. with his father and T. and myself returned to Brian’s.  It was a very long night. 


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