Mini-Golfing Adventure

It is now the 10th of July and I am visiting yet another friend.  We decide to get together at a local Mini-Golf range.  It wa totally fun.  I hadn’t seen this Chritine since my eldest was only a year old.  It was nice to see some poeple don’t change.  She was still a fun, caring, relaxed figure in my life.   We weren’t able to really catch up on much while playing golf, since it was really too fun to miss anyone’s turns and make comments about it.  We had a great time chasing balls into the water and out of the bushes.  We even had a few “hole-in-ones”.  The boys had a great time. 

I was able to have Christine over at the house for many hours to sit and catch up.  She is friends with Brian, as well.  Soon evening was coming upon us and we had to make our way to the boys father’s for a sleep over.  It was good to see Christine and we made plans to see eachother again while I was in town.

T.  wanted to stay over at his father’s but was not up to staying out in the tent if I were not and not up to staying if Iweren’t going to be there.  So I was crashing in the bedroom.  T. crashed on the couch.  B. and his father and Kimberly crashed in the tent.  The next morning we were giong fishing.


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