Settling in

I have never had a vacation that I could actually take my time in the mornings and hang out.  I have never had a vacation where my children weren’t the total focus.  I have never had a vacation where I had time to relax or had any kind of down time to myself.  Until Now!  This is of course completely due to Brian.  He gave my children the ultimate distraction tools and not having to rush out the door the cram a months worth of visiting into a three day or four day period was something to be had.  I was able to make plans with people weeks out and see poeple I hadn’t ever had the chance to before.  I didn’t know what to do with myself a lot of the time.  I hadn’t anticipated relaxing.  I am pretty sure I don’t really know how to relax.  I got so irritated with the amount of downtime I had, that I ran out to Barnes and Noble and picked up a book, so I had something to do with myself.

The first week was this strange settling in to these new found thoughts about what my vacation was going to consist of.  Very strange.

I slept in.  I think I slept until 8:30 or 9am and was really fogged over in my head.  I thought maybe Iwas coming down with something.  I couldn’t really function or make any coherent thoughts for several hours.  It was quite disorienting.  I finally did get myself together and called out Kara for a nice swim playdate.  We went to a local pond in Ayer, called Sandy Pond.  It was busy with families and children whom all lived close by.  It was not large by any means but just right.  The sun shown bright and warm and the shade was very agreeable.  The kids all played in various age groupings through out the water and created new friends.  B. immediately had problems with his ears.  He went under a couple times and couldn’t take the pain any longer.  We are not sure what it was, but upon our return to NY we hit the doctors office and they couldn’t see if anything was cuasing it.  So, we will see if it continues.

We parted ways in the late afternoon and myself and the boys headed up north to the boys’ fathers.  I made dinner for us all, then we all headed out to the Drive-In Theater.  The movie didn’t start until 9pm.  That was a seriously late evening for us.  We watched Transformers II.  It was very uncomfortable in my car for us all to watch and thankfully I had our beach blankets, as B. and Kimberly sat outside most of the time.  We had snacks galore and were definitley done before the next movie startee a little while after midnight.  I was exhausted.  We dropped off their dad and half-sister and went straight back to the house and crashed.

We stayed home the entire next day.   The boys played and I tried to catch up on cleaning and relaxing from the busy-ness that was the day before.

T. was getting worse.  Now we were dealing with Bloody stools.  Scary, but I thought we might be dealing with the after effects of having gluten ane dairy(pizza) for the first time in a few months, the day before or an allergic reaction to the mass quantities of Strawberries he had been consuming since we left NY.  So you see, I was trying to rationalize not going to the ER twice in one vacation.  Sigh…it didn’t really work.

The next morning, we headed out to the ER once again.  T. this time was not in a good state of mind.  He had a huge meltdown upon walking into the patient exam room.  For twenty minutes I had to restrain him.  All the while keeping very calm and telling him soothing thoughts while he is kicking the shit outta me and pulling out my hair in chuncks.  It was going to a bruise filled day.  Ow!  But he finally did calm down and I had to resort to something I normally would never have allowed to bribe him into cooperation.  I have never used this particular thing as a reward/bribe before since I know where it leads, but I was at my wits end.  I offered him computer time on my little EeePC that I brought with me to MA to keep in touch online with all my friends.  It made getting together with friends so much easier.  I love map programs and once again, Facebook!  He took it and we were able to get all the tests we needed done.  He wasm given this funky dx of Henoch-Schonlein Purpura.  In the end there was nothing you could do for it, but to run its course and watch for kidney failure.  Oh yeah, this was great freaking news.  This vacation is not going to so well for this child.

The next day, we visited a friend that I had not seen since I was 10 years old.  I loved her and her family dearly and they had so much impact upon my life as a child.  It was great to find out the she was only ten minutes from where I was staying.  I met up with Heather at her home, and met her eldest daughter, Casey.  It was so great to see her again.  It was as if we hadn’t been apart.  I felt like I could just be compeltely myself with her again.  I just can’t loose touch again with her.  Dinner rolled around and we headed back to finish our day at “home”.  Let me tell you again, how much a vacation this is for the boys.  So much video gaming!!!

I am, once again, reminded how fortunate I am for great friends.  Brian is a music enthusiast and couldn’t compliment my eldest son enough.  They are like twins, only 20 something years apart!  LOL  Brian allowed B. to use his guitars for practicing and giving him lessons on for specific songs and such while we were there visiting.  B. was truely in heaven.  This experience for him couldnt’t have been better in anyway.  He was so smitten with Brian and his Mad skills!!!

Still no pictures.  I am a really bad blogger!!  No cookie for me!


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