The Day After!

Ugh!  No fail every year I end up at the ER with T. while in MA on vacation!  This year was no exception.

He was having big stomach aches and a strange rash appeared on his chest and spread around his torso.  Since, there were too many variables, I couldn’t figure out what this was a reaction to.  Woke up early and tucked T. into the car to head to the local ER.  They were very quick and made T’s visit calming and distracting for him.  We did a test here and there and couldn’t find anything definitive.  We left shortly after arriving with “Unknown Rash”.  Duh.

I picked up B. from his fathers’ and flew down to Acton, MA, my old stomping grounds as a teen.  And met up with my dear friend Beth.  I have known her since elementary school and we finally connected again after many years of being absent in one another’s lives through Facebook.  Can I just give a big Kudos here to Facebook.  Probably one of the best social interface platforms in the world!!  We ate at a restuarant called, Not Your Average Joes.  Very delicious and had  a Gluten Free menu!! Yay!!  Pretty cool for a Finer Pizza Place.  I caught up with Beth while ate and she had to dash off for her vacation in the Cape aftewards.  It was so great to see her.  So many memories and so much trouble.  hehehe.   Come to find out after all these years visiting Ayer, MA yearly, that she herself has lived there for many of the years I had been visiting.  I could have been keeping in touch with her the whole time.  Just makes me wanna kick my own butt for letting so many friends from my past slip through my radar.

After she had gone on her way, we stopped off a local park and played outside for a while before needing to return to the house to make dinner and get some mundane duties takenn care of.  Namely, Laundry.  I did make scrumptious brownies while waiting for my laundry to finish though.  I love Betty Crocker!

Another good day gone by.  Wish I had obtained pictures from this day, but I only have one from the ER room.  How pathetic.  I know Bad Vacationer!  No Cookie!!


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