The Horror!!!

What an indescribably painful time.

I picked up Christine, to join me in a jaunt up to Rindge, NH for a walk through , The Cathedral of Pines.  I love this spot.  It is beautiful and sacred.  One of my all time favorite places in the world.  If you don’t know what it is, go look it up.

I got out of the car and we walked to the enterance where the bell tower looms above as you walk by.  An right away,, I noticed something wasn’t quite right.  I figured it was my memory hadn’t held onto enough of this place to have noticed the enterance to the catherdral being this low lying and landscaped, then I met upon a clearing.  If you know anything about The Cathedral of Pines, the only clearings are ones for memorial gardens wrapped around the back perimeter of The Pines.  I stood in horror.  I couldn’t grasp what I was seeing.  It was all too shocking.  It was all gone.  Other than the Alter of Nations, everything was gone.  All the huge, tall, spyring Pine trees were all gone.  The lovely benches tucked under the the tall pines that you could sit in and just breath in the peace of this place and look out between the trees the Alter of Nations with Mount Monadnock as the backdrop.  It was alll wrong!!

What had happened?!  All was landscaped mounds as you traveled a path to the a small seating area aroung the Alter.  None of the memorials were kept up in their beauty and serenity.  The paths were overgrown, gardens were missing and dug up in some locations.  The pagan circle that took so much to actually have placed there was now leveled dirt as so many of the surrounding sacred places with in these grounds.  It was horrifying. 

I walked around taking in all that I could manage and we entered the museum and teetered on about all the neat items folks have donated over the years as memorials to loved one.  We entered the main hall and there is was.  An Explanation.  Ice Storm of 2008.  It had brought down every single Pine of the Cathedral.  I just didn’t know what to say or do.  I don’t dare take pictures of what it looks like now.  It is definitely not the same place as my memories held.  Instead I took these:


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