Good Times

The next two days I can mush in one post.

We woke the next day feeling the sun burns but it wasn’t terrible.  I spent the morning cleaning house, while the boys played.  Then we headed over to Kara’s to spend some time hanging out with them.  We usually see them daily on our visits to Ma.  It feels strange not to be with them more.  The kids founf stuff to play and watch.  Mostly they were hooked all watching the cartoons on TV.  Wow, I could have thought of better ways to visit with my friends I see once a year, but that is kids for you.  Kara and myself took the opportunity to hang out and catch up.  We cleaned up a little too.  That is a big  job when you have to little ones and two teenish children in a small space. 

Pulling the kids away from the TV was the toughest part of my day.

The next day we had a plan.  We were going to the Solomon Pond Mall to meet up with Nicole.  A friend that I have know since I was seven.  It had been forever since we had seen eachother.  It was nice catching up and I hope we don’t stray from each others radar again.  It is so neat to see the poeple from your past with families of their own and find out what they have been up to.  We have both recently found a lot of folks from our past that we both new, so it was nice to find out what each has done to catch up with them as well.

I knew that as our lunch ended I was really close by Christina’s and gave her a call.  Yeah!!  We get to play again!!  Up the raod 5 minutes and we were at Christina’s.  We met Tristan off the bus and proceeded to play the rest of the day with them.  I miss seeing Christina every day like I used.  We had a great take out dinner and the boys had a great time playing with toys everywhere and watching some fun movies.  It was surprisingly late when we were finally wrapping it all up.  Tristan is just so damn sweet. I wanna eat him up!!  LOL

Saying goodbye this time, I knew was going to the last time for this vacation.  That made it hard, but it wasn’t going to ruin my mood.  :)))  Happy!


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