Longer visit with Grandparents

The 14th has rolled in and I am s pending another day with the boys’ father.  We pick him and his daughter up in the morning so he can get some errands done.  Just me and the kids sitting in the car while he runs in and outta places relatively  quickly.  I kept the kids entertained and chatting so they weren’t bothered by it too much.

Then we headed over for a nice day at my in-laws.  Our last visit was very short and was not sufficient enough time to really call it our official love fest.  We were all pretty hungry upon arrival so I left with my mother in-law Lillian to a local store to see if they had anything we could create some lunch with, but with no luck.  T. came with us.  We decided then we were going on out and I stopped off at the local chinese food restuarant.  Not yummy, but filling.  OMG!!  The MSG!!  I thought I was going to pass out shortly after consuming half a plate full.  I hadn’t had chinese with MSG in it such a very long time.  I had forgotten how much I react to it.  It was kinda silly.

The boys were very psyched.  Their father and Grandfather, Eugene, went to the Dump with T. and came back with Bikes and scooters.  It is a veryt strange thing but the dump in these parts is like having a Freesale.  All sorted for you into reusable and trash trqash stuff.  The kids think this is great and so do their father who goes almost daily to find things.  Oddly, enough they find some really neat things.  After unloading, they played outside for pretty much the rest of the day.  That left me with plenty of time to catch up with Lillian and Eugene.  It was nice to chat with them and hear the news of the area and family.  I love them dearly and know they love me, as it is something that is told to me often.  Even though, myself and their son are seperated, they will never think of me as anything less than their daughter-in-law.  It feels good to know folks like that.  I also know, that Lillian hopes that one day we will someday get back together.  She knows its far fetched but that is her desire.  I understand. 

The boys got to have a lot of time to play with their father and give lots of love to their grandparents.  They miss being able to visit them weekly like we used to.  So do I.

That night I had Christine over for a few hours to hang out more, while Brian was out.  Another relativley chilled out day.


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