The Last Day

Today is the last day of our vacation.  July 19th Sunday.

I whined at Brian to spend the last day out with me and the boys.  I was pleasantly surpised that he said yes.  He has a different schedule to sleep on and is just not in the same frame of mind that promotes participating in activities when children are involved.  Understandly so.  He is a single young guy.  Enough said.

I really was aching for my favorite pastries and I was breaking GFCF today for this.  I was given another surprise when Christine said she would join me too!!  This was going to be a great send off.  I picked up Christine and we went to the “Good Ole Yum Yum Shoppe” in Dracut, MA.  It is one of the few pastry places I know of that still make real fresh pastries right there on the premises.  These aren’t commercially made anything!!  I loaded up!!!!  The place had changed, but thankfully not in any way that would impair the pastry. 🙂

Num num num num num num num.

Then we ventured up to Nashua NH to Max’s Mini-Golf, to meet up with Brian.  We had a great time.  It was getting too hot for us near the end of the course and I wasn’t feeling well and niether was T. at that point, but it was really fun.  I took some rare photos of Brian as I have only seen a few in my lifetime of him.  There were extremely challenging holes and so many were given to close calls or hole-in-ones.  It was amazing and fun.

We wrapped up our game and headed to a Steakhouse for dinner, but T. had a meltdown and needed some rest before we tried a reastaurant type atmosphere, so we traveled to Leominster, Ma to the same restaurant chain and ate there.  All was much better after we had the drive to relax and compose ourselves.  The sun really did a number on T.  The dinner was delicious and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

It was so nice for Brian to take us out today and I really enjoyed spending time with him and Christine.  It made me feel very grateful for my friendships.  It was a nice last day of vacation.  I will miss everyone.  There were so many poeple I didn’t get to see and so many that I hadn’t seen in what seems like forever on this trip.  It was like riding down memory lane.  Miss you all!!!  Thanks for making this vacation really wonderful!!


One thought on “The Last Day

  1. Oh, those pastries look fabulous!! I’m drooling on my keyboard…

    And the mini-golf looks like tons of fun. It’s been years since we’ve been, but after seeing your pix, we may have to go again soon!

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