Woo Hoo!! York Beach, ME!!!!

York Beach, ME is one area that I can easily call my old stomping grounds.  My family used to come up here as often as possible, and thqt was a lot.  Our families’ dearest friend, Helen lived a block or so away from the beach and we would spend days and weeks at a time up here visiting.  My mother was also born not too far from here, in Kittery, so our family had lots of roots here.  This place screams “Home” to me.

Today, I was going to bring my children for the first time in years.  They themselves have fond memories of this place, as their childhood would not have been complete if I had not brought them here for summer beach days and winter walks on the Nubble. 

We drove along Long Beach at a snails pace to breathe in the ocean scents, but we were headed for Short Beach.  We found great parking across from the beach and headed for a nice long walk up and down the main drag for treats and fun checking out all the neat stores.  I picked up tourist stuff to bring home with me for my parents and S.  I knew I would be making my parents very jealous by being here.  They traveled an hour and a half every Sunday while living in MA to attend the church they were married in, before I had moved them to PA.  They miss it greatly.

The boys got half a pound of candy each, way more then they needed but it was going to be a total splurge day.  We walked into shoppes of all sorts and finally picked up some sand buckets and shovels and some goggles for T.  We changed at the car and headed for the water.  The tied was out but coming in.  It comes in very fast at this beach and in no time we had to move our blankets further back to sta outta the waters splash.  The water itself was FREEZING!!!  T. didn’t care and joined in with other children to play hard in the water. B. on the other hand was not going for it.  He gave it a go several times, only to come out almost immediately to play in the sand.  I stood in ankle deep water most of the time keeping an eye on T., freezing pain shooting up my legs.  The rest of the time, I turned on mymusic player and laid down to catch the rays and enjoy the heat of the day.  It was glorious.

About dinner time, I called them out and off we dried and changed back into our dry clothes.  Hop Skip and Jump and we were in my favorite place to go, The Golden Rod.  This beach restaurant is one of the oldest in the country and has the best salt water taffy in the world!!!!  Seriously!!!  I got two pounds of it to bring home to MA and we sat to have our dinner “snack”.  We were going crazy with our restrictive diet and ate dairy and gluten meals.  Mostly the boys went dairy as they had ice cream sundaes at the bar while I had a make you mouth water and my parents jealous, Lime Rickey soda and an Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwich.  It was all wonderful and fun.  We, of course, had great service and she was quite happy to indulge us with anything we asked for.  We watched the hundreds of poeple behind us choose their favorite chocolates and sweets and taffy’s for quite a while.  Then it was time to hit the road. 

BUT!!  not without stopping by one of the most beautiful scenic locations in York.  The Nubble Light.  At least, that is what us old timers and locals call it.  I guess it’s technical name is Cape Neddick.  Weird.  Didn’t know that until a couple years ago.  We pulled into the first parking spot and walked around the rocks crashing with sprays of the waves.  T. played with other children.  B. investigated the tidal pools.  I took tons of pictures and sat on a lovely memorial stone bench and breathed in the world.  I even got to take a couple pictures for a family whom wanted the nubble in the background of their family portrait.  It was very lovely. 

The world couldn’t have given me better weather.  We could see for miles and just enjoy it all.

It was one of those rare perfect days.  Even the traffic was nothing comparitivley. 

Once home we showered and invited Christine over again for another night of hanging out, while Brian was out. 
Great Day!!!


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