Family in Need! Please help.

My dear friends Jacqui and Robert Rayne are probably the most kind and loving family I know. This summer Jacqui was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. Her positive outlook on life has always been a blessing to all those around her. Even though she has been going through all the treatments and financial worries that comes with any major health issue, she continues to be the rock of hope for her friends and family. The stress that has been lying beneath her glow has become overwhelming. As if dealing with Chemotherapy and finding the energy to homeschool her two lovely daughters and maintaining her dream homestead, wasn’t enough of a challenge, along comes more issues.
Jacqui and Robert had been in debt from a previous medical emergency the year prior and they have not be able to consistently pay mortgage or utilities. Any extra expenses were simply out of the question. There was no cushion to fall back on. They had always led a very socially responsible, “green” lifestyle; leading to a pretty frugal existence. Now, all these factors began to take its toll. Plumbing within the house had backed up, with an overdue septic removal, the mortgage company had sent notice of possible foreclosure, and the phone company shut them off. This was just too much, all at the same time. Could you even imagine trying to keep yourself in a biosecure environment while being treated for Breast Cancer and fending the stress of it all from your children, when all this lands on your head. It seemed insurmountable.
Jacqui and Robert had always placed their communities needs before their own and have always been very active in their church and town as volunteers. Now, it was their turn to receive some of that love and compassion, that they had built up in some serious Karma. Local families in their homeschooling and other communities have come together to help. Fundraisers are occurring, workdays on their farm have been incredibly productive, and some hope has returned. Even though all this has been extremely helpful, they still need more than our little community can handle. We need your help. The help from strangers and those alike, that can spare even $5 to help out another person in need. This is the goal of website we have established for the Rayne Family. They need some of this burden lifted from their shoulders, so that they can heal and find a more stable position for them to be in.
Please if you have any means possible, consider reaching out to this family. It would make a world of difference!!

Thank you! Spread the word.