Dear Friends!

Like Jacquis New Hairdo!!!

Like Jacquis New Hairdo!!!

summer 09 026

Sassy girl!!

Sassy girl!!

I am so extremely fortunate to be apart of the community in which lies the Rayne Family. My dear friend Jacqui Rayne discovered her breast cancer several months ago and it has been such a mixed blessing. Her family is one of those things in life that makes you see there is hope and love in this world.
When friends and family from oversees were informed of her medical condition, we were pleasantly surprised by a lovely visit from Amanda. She came to spend a couple weeks during the first rounds of Chemo treatment with the Rayne family. She was brilliant and joyous and fun to be around. I was fortunate enough to have met her and got to spend some time with her during her visit. She attended the same music study school in England with Jacqui. It was a musical visit to say the least.
Amanda had energy to spare and spunk along with it. Being a fair city girl, it was amazing to watch her get down and dirty with the farm chores and feed the pigs and goats and such at the Raynes Family farm. She worked hard!! It was such a joy to have met her and I do hope that I will see her again in my future.


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