My Fathers birthday and a nice surprise.

September 6th is my Fathers birthday.  My brother D., who lives in the same state but we rarely see decided he was going to join us for a little party. My brother is a fulltime Army Soldier.  Currently he is on his fourth tour in Iraq.  His battalion is the most sent out Army Squad in the country.  He has been in the Army since highschool, so we are kind of used to him being deployed for war missions a year at a time.

My family went to a neat Gluten Free Bakery downtown to see if they had any cakes and goodies that we would like to try.  It was nearing the end of the work day for them so we got our yummies discounted and we got a lot of them.  Pricey but oh soooo yummmers!

I picked up a little cake and some lovely flower cookies and decided that is what we would have for dessert after our birthday dinner at my folks.  It was an excellent day getting caught up with my brother and celebrating my dads birthday.  My brother even stopped by our house on the way out of town for a while, since he had never once seen my home.  I heard he liked it. 🙂  I got some nice pics of my parents with him, since it is so rare.

My Big Brother!


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