New York State Fair

Ugh!  What a time of it, did we have here.  And not in a good way.  I guess being totally honest with the entire experience, it wasn’t horrible, just the ending was.

Spur of the moment we decided to tackle The New York State Fair, with the boys.  I have avoided the State Fair for years and with good reason.  Crowds!  I anxiety level was through the roof before we even got on the highway.  I knew I had to plow through and hope for the best so I kept a smile on my face and just tried to keep myself super aware of my surroundings.

It was expensive and not really worth the money, but the exhibits were neat and some even fun.  Especially the Duck Race.  T. joined in as one of the Racers.  The folks who volunteered each got a real live duck and they had to drop them in the water and splash their behind to help them go fast.  It was funny to watch these birds go crazy as soon as they hit the water.  They were definitely trained for racing!

My second favorite was the cow barn.  The cows were all doe eyed and gorgeous!  So soft looking and I just can’t get enough of their long eye lashes.

Soon I found myself in hell.  The Midway.  Carnival rides that were so outrageously expensive the boys could only choose three rides each and that cost us a fortune!! The boys don’t ride any of the same rides so that immediately split us up into groups.  I hate that.  I really just want to sit back and hold hands with my man in the moments the kids are entertained. You know what I mean?

After that I was surprised to find a fun photo op.  We were able to dress up as gangsters(I, as the Bar wench) and get our first family photograph taken.  It was funny and only slightly uncomfortable. 😛

The money was spent and the day was getting too long for me.  I needed dinner.  Thankfully, so did T.  At his request we were leaving the fair grounds to head out for Indian Food.  This is where everything fell apart.

T. disappeared.  He saw a bright shiny object and wandered away from us.  I looked everywhere in the vicinity and then had to ask an officer for help.  We found him at the lost and found booth, way across the park.  It was annoying and ruined my day totally.  We still went out for dinner and it was good and we ate more than we should per usual, then headed home.  I was emotionally exhausted and very frustrated.

Won’t do that again.  At least not with children anyway. 🙂


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