Good to be Home…or not!

Me and the boys arrived home safely.  I was ready to get myself pulled together and forge on with the many projects lined up as fundraising events for Jacqui Rayne and Fam.  Still emotionally fragile but with hope for a quite but eventful month ahead.  We had some serious catching up to do.

Then I was reminded of a report I saw in the local newspaper the first week of September regarding layoff announcements for local businesses to happen shortly.  With S.’s job in full swing and his experience, we thought he was safe.  Every one he worked with thought he was safe from this all.

I left to attend an Opera for children and came home to find S. home from work.  Half day??  Nope, he got laidoff.  We were stunned.  I immediately panicked and my emotional fragility came crashing in upon itself.  I knew once again that I couldn’t fall apart the way I really needed to, so I plowed into this head on.  I researched jobs like crazy and formatted his resume and started sending them out that very day.  We are lucky he is so talented and his talents unique for the time being.

I have not wanted to make plans to do anything, or get involved with anything new, and have been distancing myself from my community.  We aren’t going to find a job around here.  We are moving and possibly across country.  This scares the crap out of me.   What timing!!  I don’t do change well and I after living here for 4 years I had finally begun to feel as this was my home.  Figures!!

One door opens, another one opens.  At least this is what I keep telling myself.  It doesn’t exactly make me feel better but it does give me hope.  Hope is so incredibly important to me.  Without it, I am lost.  I have been so frazzled I have not found a rhythm for our school days, nor had much ambition to do much of anything.  I realize this is major depression setting in and high anxiety will kill me.  I am just trying to get by.  I am happy to see so many new opportunities for S. come our way.  That has been exciting.

He’s gone to Los Angeles and now is off to Cedar Rapids.  Next hes off to Mississippi.  Interviews are all going very well and he is having fun meeting new people.  There are pros and cons for each situation, so until we get all the facts, we just don’t know where we will be going yet.  That is a scary thought, but we are trying to prepare.  Packing clutter, getting the house ready for sale.  That sort of thing.

I sold my goats and rabbit hutches and cages.   A nice chest freezer, an old bed frame and goat kidding pens.  Little by little.


I think this last post catches me up.  I will post more about homeschooling escapades and such as I have energy to do so.  There is progress with T. on that end, but it is slow.  B. using Keystone National HS online is interesting and his weaknesses and strengths are showing through his work.

I will post when we know where we are going to be.  Hopefully by mid month.  Well, I kinda feel accomplished….. 😛


One thought on “Good to be Home…or not!

  1. Oh, I am so sorry! We’ve done the major moves before, but never because of a lay-off. I can only imagine how stressfull it must be for you. What type of work does your husband do?

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