Trying not to Freak!

Actually, its not working. I am totally freaking out.
In three weeks we are moving to Cedar Rapids Iowa. Crazy fast!! I have no idea how long it will take to sell the house. At least, we won’t be in it, which would mean me constantly cleaning up after the boys and the dogs. Yah, it would never sell!!
I now have to organize our stuff. I have to figure out what I am going to need for school supplies and clothing and such for the next couple months while living in a hotel, until we can find a home. Crazy!!
I hope the relocation agency contacts us soon cause I am freaking out with worry as to what I am supposed to do next.
I have to ready myself for baseline testing for the children once in Cedar Rapids, as per regulations for the state. And find a Supervising teacher!! This is going to bite. I will also need to make sure SSI and medications and doctors files and such are transferred too!! We have a huge freezer stocked with frozen meats and a half pig waiting for pick up. That just isnt going to happen. It will have to be donated, we can’t take it with us.
Can I just say I hate moving!! I really do. 😛
On the homeschooling front, T. is making progress with his cursive still and continues to complete at least three pages from each language sub-subject each day he wants to earn computer time. I hate kids on the computer but it does motivate him, so I will deal. B. is continuing his online studies and since its online I have no idea what he is learning. Weird!! Not my style at all, but this is our trial run. We’ll see how it goes. Should be interesting. He is constantly playing his music while studying, I wonder if that ends up being a bad thing or a good one.
Agh!! I have to ready my house for sale in three weeks!! One bedroom only needs one more coat of paint, but the rest of the house is untouched. So much needs to be done. Hopefully it will sell soon and for a price that will at least payoff our mortgage.

Crazy!!! going!!