Our first holiday in Iowa

Since we aren’t really totally unpacked or recovered from the rather expensive move and house sale prep, I had decided we were not going to be having any celebrations for our Winter Solstice.  It was a rather strong internal struggle to have to put our Advent activities and our Solstice stories aside and to keep our tree and decorations in storage.  I really begin my winters inner work through this process and this year, my shift inwards has been skipped over and I am not sure when I will settle into winter work.  As for now, I must work outwardly and get my house in order.

The Solstice passed by with my chin held high and no observations enacted.  But T. has always been a strong believer in Father Winter and Santa and he expressed serious faith that they were going to find us, even though we moved.  My guilt became rather overwhelming that I had not put anything together for the boys to celebrate and keep the faith alive.  Our relationship with the boys, as of late, has been purely argumentative and cynical.  I began to rationalize gift giving, with thoughts that it might bring some kind of hope or at least not make things worse and crushing all spirit left in them.  So, knowing that B. needed a laptop, that was my first priority.  For T.  I was really torn.  I really wanted to give him something in equivalency to specialness and surprise, but not a laptop.  I also wanted to find him something that would help pacify him when out and about.  I know that sounds horrible and I really feel it is, but I am desperate now a days to survive each day through the explosions and such.  I did it!  I got T. a Nintendo DS lite.  He loves it and I am determined to find out how to make it really useful rather than just a play thing for the game cards.  Apparently there are all sorts of things you can do with this little machine, I just have to find out how and what.

(To make the scene clearer, we went out shopping and had to run a quick errand at Best Buy.  This was two days prior to Christmas.  I wasn’t thinking about holidays at this point and didn’t realize that this store wasn’t going to be as simple to maneuver around in as in the Hole Depot we had been to prior that day.  After what seemed forever, hemming and hawing over whether I should go ahead and purchase these spontaneous gifts for the boys, we had a hard time getting service, then the laptop we had asked for was out of stock, then we saw the one and only line.  It wrapped around the front of the store , down the furthest isle, then almost all the way to the back of the store.  We strolled outta of there with no purchases and a little frustrated.  I simply saw it as a sign of my stupidity and that it was not meant to be this year.  Wednesday(i think) S. went out and purchased all the items we picked out by himself.  I was surprised, pleasantly so. )

I have let the boys have total free access to their new electronics since opening them on Christmas, but that will soon slow down and become more monitored.  My guilt has not been totally subverted since I did end up giving them items I normally would not condone for children, but I am trying to meet my needs and the children’s needs with a more open mind and more hope and trust in the boys.  This is hard for me considering it’s me and they are they.  LOL  😛  Anyway, it was good to see them happy upon waking to gifts wrapped upon the couch laid out for them.  No Chocolate or candy, just some gum, DVD’s, B.’s Laptop and a pc game and T.’s DS and two games.

I look forward to Monday, when we begin to get back to schoolwork.  It’s been weeks since we have been able to focus on any school work and B. has some major catching up and T. too!!  We missed having out family close by as in NY, but we were able to phone family and friends.  It was very low key.  We cooked a lovely turkey for dinner.  I was a little nervous as to how it would come out, since I had not cooked one in this oven before.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Holiday Season!



Drat!  As soon as we got here, we needed to unpack and do laundry.  We have decided to leave our washer and dryer in New York to sell with the house.  This means we currently have no means of laundering our clothing at the house.  We found a very nice laundry mat a few minutes away and enjoyed a very yummy pizza at a restaurant named Tomaso’s.  Very good pizza, that is all they do!!  Nothing else on the menu.  Better be good, huh?

It was was a flashback for us.  It has been about 8 years since we have needed to use the local laundry mat.  We have had to go to the laundry mat three times now and we have ordered our new washer and dryer from Home Depot, to be delivered sometime this week.  Novelty hasn’t completely worn off, since we found a laundry mat that resides next to a very yummy Indian Food Restaurant.  One of our favorite types of food and the Tahjamahal is quality inexpensive food!  I am also excited that the restaurant is also a small Indian grocer, so I can find all sorts of the yummies I need to cook at home and my favorite soap!

As you can tell we are beginning to settle in and find our way around now.  I am really enjoying this area and for some reason I am not freaking out about the move and being in a new area.  I have no idea why and I hope its not a delayed reaction soon to come.  I feel really comfortable being here and am not scared of the new.  Weird!!!  I am anxiety woman, you know!  Happy!!

On the Way

These are just two pics from the hotel we stayed in on the way to Iowa.  Nothing exciting.

The boys enjoyed the hotel.  It had cable! 😛  We stayed in Sandusky. (sp?)  The next day we were supposed to stop after about 350 miles to check in to another hotel but I just couldn’t stop while it was still daylight, so I pushed through.  It hurt my entire body to drive that far, but it was worth finally being home.

Currently residing in Iowa!

We arrived a day early, by way of lots of painful pushing through the drive to have it be done with.
I have no pictures yet, only due to being overwhelmed by boxes and boxes to be unpacked and places for it all to be placed.
I am really glad to be back with S. I hated being so far a way for such a long time. Yes! A week is a long time in my book! 😛
There is so much to do! We need shelving units and such to help in the unpacking process, so while I rip through boxes unloading stuff everywhere to see what I have and what storage space I need, we are also learning how to get around to find our local hardware stores.
Little by little it is coming along and we are settling in to the new house. This house we are renting, but the lovely landlord has given us permission to do most anything to make it our own. The house is big and has lots of room for the kids to play and hide. They are just happy there is a finished basement that includes a pool table. 😛
I look forward to starting up our routine and getting some school work done. Only then will I feel I am truly settled in.
We are already making lots of friends! I have met a wonderful family that homeschools and lives nearby. I look forward to meeting up with several other homeschooling moms for a Moms-Night-Out shortly after the 25th. I plan on meeting up with several spinners and knitters in the near future. There are four yarn/fiber stores that I get to check out. I am super excited.
Major drawback to the move, is that I have no built in support system ie. babysitters, like I had in NY. My parents were so integral to my sanity and I am going to miss that. There is nothing that could ever replace what my parents gave me.
Hopefully we will soon find the appropriate services for T. so our family can live slightly more peaceful lives.
The snow has come down pretty often this December and I do hope that will slow down. Roads are not cleared well around my neighborhood and many others like my rural area. It makes travel challenging and a little scary sometimes. I think I will have to be more attentive to the weather here and begin purchasing food and such for the likelihood of hibernation during the winter months as it seems most folks do around here. Since, I am well practiced at that, I don’t think it will be too different from what I have done in the past, just upscaled a little.
Well, it’s getting late, not that I can figure out the time change thing so am not sure what the actual time is, but I have to get moving and unpacking and making phone calls galore.
We are here! I live in Iowa now!!!

Moving Moving Moving….Rawhide!!

Today is the Day!!  The packers and movers are here and my entire house is filling up with huge boxes, filled with all my possessions.  Boy, I have a lot of s**t!!

T. is at the grandparents, this morning.  This will keep him outta my hair and the movers way.  B. is hanging out here and when I have to run errands, he stays with the packers to supervise.  Later they will go to my super friends, the Rayne family for the afternoon, then we will have dinner with them tonight.  It will be nice.

I have already gone to the dump four times this week, including a run this morning.  Loews has been visited more times than I have done in a years time living here.

Sunday night and Monday, my dear friends and professional cleaners, come in to clean up the house to have it show ready.  Then if I can hand over the key to a real estate agent, I will be on my outta town by that evening or Tuesday morning at the very latest.

I am not fond of being here with out S. and I really hate feeling as though I am homeless.  It is weird staying in a house that I have already emotionally disconnected from and have gotten ready for someone else to live in.  Even though we are renting a house on the other end of this trip, I still feel it’s  my new home already.  I haven’t even been there, ever!  But this in between feeling is driving me crazy.  I need to settle in to my new house pronto, so I can relax.  It feels like its been months and months since I have truly rested and relaxed.

Well, once everything is gone I will begin loading up my car and take pictures of my empty house.

Anyone want to buy a lovely 3 bedroom house in upstate ny??  😛

My Man the Fire Man!!!

His last day on the Local Volunteer Fire Fighter Department.  😦  He will miss this, but thankfully there are local volunteer stations in the Cedar Rapids, IA area and he will join one of them as soon as possible.  Isn’t he the cutest!!!!!!!

Preparing for the Move.

Throughout the week of Thanksgiving and then some we found ourselves painting each and every room in the house.  While this process was proceeding, we were also half-assed packing stuff up and moving it outta the way, to make way for new Carpets that were put down on the 30th.  It has bee a mad house around here!  I am very thankful to Jacqui and Robert Rayne and their lovely girls that came over to spend an entire day painting the walls in my house with us.  They worked themselves into a puddle of mud.  I know we went to bed every night achy and dead tired.  I am so incredibly lucky to have them in my lives.  They understand what it means to be friends and be in a community.  Their isn’t a whole lot out there I could think of that I wouldn’t do for those folks and I am pretty sure they feel that way about most folks they meet and know.  It is going to be the most difficult thing, leaving them behind.  With so much still needing to be done to ensure their home and health, it is going to be so hard to be so far away and helpless.  Not my favorite feeling!

A BIG Thank you to the Rayne Family for Helping us Paint!!

Now I must clean up messes of paint spots, clean floors, replace caulking, and separate all we are going to storage and all that is going in the car/airplane with us to the hotel.  Much work to be done.  S. leaves tomorrow and that makes me anxious and sad.  I don’t know how I am going to get out there or when.  All I know is all my stuff is being picked up on the 12th by packers and then I don’t know what. <shrugs>  We’ll see, I guess.  I feel sorry for the dogs.  The trip is going to be rough on them.  Staying in hotels with dogs isn’t so easy.  they usually have to be kenneled until you get home from work, if you are not in the room, so we have their cages.  Snoopy won’t mind so much, but Fiona will loose her mind!!  She is usually out roaming her acreage lazily all day long.  Days will be long stuffy and small.  My poor baby. 😦

But when I arrive it will all be better since, I will be their and be taking her out for walkies often!!!  That means no time in the kennel unless I must go out, if that.  🙂  I don’t mind us needing to be out there and think it will be a pretty neat adventure.  I hope for the best, but its the actually process of moving that just bites!!  I need someone to point to some shiney bright spot I am missing about the process of moving.  I would really appreciate it.  End results are going to be wonderful, but what is wonderful about this particular climb?  Anyone???