I am very fortunate.  I have a lot to give thanks for.  I have a family that loves me and supports me.  I can legally homeschool my children.  I have food on our table, with much to spare.  My family has clothes on their backs.  I am able to stay home with my children and meet their needs.  I have incredible friends who reach out to lend a hand or an open heart whenever I have need.  My man loves me so much he gives me chocolate regularly!  My man has a job.

This last one listed is such a blessing to us right now.  He was laid off in Oct. and he was so fortunate enough to have found himself torn between several available options all vying for him.  We aren’t quite their yet, but it makes me feel a lot better knowing that there is a job waiting upon our arrival in Iowa.  Making it to Iowa and surviving with no money until S.’s first paycheck will be interesting.  We purchase the hotel, transportation, meals and all that jazz while finding a new home, and then Steve receives reimbursement.  We don’t have the money upfront, so this should be very interesting.  This wasn’t how it worked when we moved to NY.  That was all taken care of by the company, but this one is very much do for yourself.  I don’t even get to go out to Iowa with Steve initially.  I have to stay behind with the boys, while packers come and real estate people interview.  I am so overwhelmed with all that needs to be taken care of prior to  move, that I am about catatonic.

We have painted for over 6 days straight, pretty much messing up every wall we came to. 😛  And prepared the biggest Thanksgiving Dinner for only 9 people.  😛  My dear friends the Rayne Family from Wild Acorn Farm, gave me a 30 pound piglet for my suckling pig dinner this year.  We also purchase(and I slaughtered and processed) an 18-20 lb turkey for dinner.  We had enough meat to feed over forty people!!  We had too many pies to count for dessert!  Too many sides to even recall!!  We had two tables set up for all this food and we still ran out of room.  We were very blessed by my Sister-in-law, Carrie, and her two boys, that joined us for Thanksgiving.  My parents were there, of course, as well.  My brother, David, is once again(4th time) in Iraq.  Knowing this was our last Thanksgiving or any kind of holiday in this house, I thought we gave it a pretty good send off.  Great food, fun conversation, and loving family.  Oh and don’t forget the Football.  Good games all around.

All this, while prepping the house for New Carpets coming in two days from then.  It was slightly crazy, but its done.  Now off to fix all the messes I made of the woodwork.  Doh!!!



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