Moving Moving Moving….Rawhide!!

Today is the Day!!  The packers and movers are here and my entire house is filling up with huge boxes, filled with all my possessions.  Boy, I have a lot of s**t!!

T. is at the grandparents, this morning.  This will keep him outta my hair and the movers way.  B. is hanging out here and when I have to run errands, he stays with the packers to supervise.  Later they will go to my super friends, the Rayne family for the afternoon, then we will have dinner with them tonight.  It will be nice.

I have already gone to the dump four times this week, including a run this morning.  Loews has been visited more times than I have done in a years time living here.

Sunday night and Monday, my dear friends and professional cleaners, come in to clean up the house to have it show ready.  Then if I can hand over the key to a real estate agent, I will be on my outta town by that evening or Tuesday morning at the very latest.

I am not fond of being here with out S. and I really hate feeling as though I am homeless.  It is weird staying in a house that I have already emotionally disconnected from and have gotten ready for someone else to live in.  Even though we are renting a house on the other end of this trip, I still feel it’s  my new home already.  I haven’t even been there, ever!  But this in between feeling is driving me crazy.  I need to settle in to my new house pronto, so I can relax.  It feels like its been months and months since I have truly rested and relaxed.

Well, once everything is gone I will begin loading up my car and take pictures of my empty house.

Anyone want to buy a lovely 3 bedroom house in upstate ny??  😛


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