Currently residing in Iowa!

We arrived a day early, by way of lots of painful pushing through the drive to have it be done with.
I have no pictures yet, only due to being overwhelmed by boxes and boxes to be unpacked and places for it all to be placed.
I am really glad to be back with S. I hated being so far a way for such a long time. Yes! A week is a long time in my book! 😛
There is so much to do! We need shelving units and such to help in the unpacking process, so while I rip through boxes unloading stuff everywhere to see what I have and what storage space I need, we are also learning how to get around to find our local hardware stores.
Little by little it is coming along and we are settling in to the new house. This house we are renting, but the lovely landlord has given us permission to do most anything to make it our own. The house is big and has lots of room for the kids to play and hide. They are just happy there is a finished basement that includes a pool table. 😛
I look forward to starting up our routine and getting some school work done. Only then will I feel I am truly settled in.
We are already making lots of friends! I have met a wonderful family that homeschools and lives nearby. I look forward to meeting up with several other homeschooling moms for a Moms-Night-Out shortly after the 25th. I plan on meeting up with several spinners and knitters in the near future. There are four yarn/fiber stores that I get to check out. I am super excited.
Major drawback to the move, is that I have no built in support system ie. babysitters, like I had in NY. My parents were so integral to my sanity and I am going to miss that. There is nothing that could ever replace what my parents gave me.
Hopefully we will soon find the appropriate services for T. so our family can live slightly more peaceful lives.
The snow has come down pretty often this December and I do hope that will slow down. Roads are not cleared well around my neighborhood and many others like my rural area. It makes travel challenging and a little scary sometimes. I think I will have to be more attentive to the weather here and begin purchasing food and such for the likelihood of hibernation during the winter months as it seems most folks do around here. Since, I am well practiced at that, I don’t think it will be too different from what I have done in the past, just upscaled a little.
Well, it’s getting late, not that I can figure out the time change thing so am not sure what the actual time is, but I have to get moving and unpacking and making phone calls galore.
We are here! I live in Iowa now!!!


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