Tid Bits

So, I haven’t posted in a long while.  I can’t say I have been super busy or productive, but I have been adjusting to my new surroundings.

My days have consisted of coffee or hot chocolate, checking out email, facebook, regular blog reads, and finding local resources.  After a couple hours, I move downstairs to get T. going with school work.  After he gets through his work, I break out my knitting or head out to run errands.  I have been very fortunate to have found a kindred spirit here in IA, who lives close enough to visit with very frequently and has homeschooled children that enjoy similar hobbies as my children.  Getting together with her and her family is always such a joy.  Since I have moved here, I have been out twice by myself to a Mom’s Night Out with several other independant homeschooling mothers.  I really enjoy this social time.  I feel so refreshed from being able to get out and just hang with adults and no children interuptions. 

I am beginning to get my ducks in a row, too.  I have begun the process of setting T. up with his therapist and psychiatrist.  I have found B. a fabulous classical/spanish guitar instructor.  I am meeting with a TaeKwonDo master this week to see if this dojo suites our needs.  I am purchasing many items for 5th and 10th grade resources.  I am not going to use Keystone National Highschool for Bradley’s main subjects next year.  It has just been too glitchy.  I have tons of resources for history next year and chemistry.  Math is probably going to be Teaching Textbooks.  Haven’t quite figured out English/Language Arts yet.  I just got T. some great Steve Spangler Test Tube experiements he can do anytime and I am purchasing him MCP Spelling for next year.  He will continue his Math 4 from Teaching Textbooks and use the workbooks we alwys have and continue using Melissa Neilson’s A Little Garden Flower curriculum as our base.

In the last two weeks, T. has been having an incredibly difficult time, and really it started getting bad a year and half ago, but I digress.  I am not going to purchase or schedule much in the way for him, as I am not sure he will be with us for much longer.  I am seriously considering placing him in an institution for mental health.  After meetings next week, I will be able to discuss this option with the facility itself for the first time.  We’ll see from there what happens.  It is getting just that bad.

I am excited about a new resource that is going to make a big difference in grocery shopping for my family.  Going out, lately for anything has ended with screaming and hitting, so to avoid that I looked up grocery shopping online.  OMG!!  My local grocery store provides that service.  For real!!  I ordered all my groceries very excitedly and picked them up for $15 extra dollars.  Next time, I will dish out another $5 for them to DELIVER them!!  I am in paradise for mothers avoiding the grocery shopping scenes!  It worked pretty well for my first time and I only had a couple little issues but all in all it was a great experience.  Especially since the roads are really horrible in the winter, I just don’t want to go out there, so this will really keep my household from starving.  LOL

I have found knitting and spinning friends locally, which is wonderful.  I have  a local fiber and yarn shop and another half an hour away.  Sweet!!  I have begun socks!!  Two at a Time on Magic Loop.  Began that way anyway.  Then after not being able to get fully around one of them, I switched them off onto their own needles.  I will post a pic when they are done.  Before Valentine’s day.  That is a hint as to the color spectrum they fall under.  I also started another pair of socks using my friends Lorna Lace sport.  Again pictures soon to come.  No deadline for the second pair yet though.  I am spinning up some soft silver pygora on my wheel.  Only a little at a time though, as My back has not found a chair in the house comfortable enough to spin in yet.

The house has had interesting complications, such as storage areas with out and shelving, leaking water from the freezer, clogged pipes from garbage disposal,  challenges in bringing wood to furnace, screen door handle coming off and not shutting, garage door not automatically opening, etc.  No biggies that we haven’t been able to handle.  I still really like the house.  I still feel as if I am home.  Get a little “homesick” now and then, but mostly this is my HOME.  I have never felt so comfortable in such a big move before.  Even though the weather has been absolutely horrible this year and I have had many changes to deal with, for the most part I am happy and comfortable.

It’s all good, well not all, but you get what I mean.  Looking forward to warmer weather and exploring my new area.  🙂


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