Menu Planning

I don’t choose the days I will make these meals.  I don’t want to be stuck feeling pressure to make one or another, I just want the available food choices, for this particular week.  I have found that planning out my meals keeps costs down, usually, for the grocery shopping each week.

This week:


Baked Ham, with  Baked Potatoes and Fruit Salad

Sliced Ham, with Baked Beans and Potato Salad

Roast Beef with Rice and Steamed Broccoli

Mexican Chicken with Spanish Rice


Eggs Benedict(S. will make this on the weekend before grocery shopping or as a Dinner this week)

Pancakes and Bacon


Cheesy Eggs and Toast


Cresent Creation Calzone

English muffin Pizzas

Hot Dogs with Buns

Salmon and Rice sandwich wrap

As you can see I only plan for four meals, as I know there is at least one day during the week we are eating leftovers and other days we are too lazy busy to make anything.  It has worked so far.  Planning out the meals has been really time consuming, but I hope afterwhile that time will be reduced as I get used to being organized once again.

PS- I am not really blogging all that much since, I can’t really stand listening to the noise my laptop makes all the time.  It is very distracting and creates great annoyance.  I will try to work through it as much as I can, since I really do like blogging, but it will still be sparse until I can get this problem fixed which won’t be for a very long time.  Love trying to sell a house and rent one across the country at the same time.  It does wonders to your budget.  😛  Can you hear the sarcasm?  I am not sure that came across clear enough.  ;P


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