Back to the beginning…

T. has always had to have me help guide him through each of the four math processes step by step.  Not able to problem solve on his own at all.  This has become such an overwhelming issue that he has now lost his ability to count.  SERIOUSLY!!  It is just gone.  So I am bringing us back to the very beginning of learning simple foundational math.  We will continue to advance with ever more complicated processes, but I will have an ongoing task of remedial math to work on with him.

Today, I decided to try Flash cards.  Now, Flash cards don’t teach, they access and when used creatively can help in the process of educating.  I figured I would start with a very simple 0-9 addition to 2 problems.  I really want to incorperate a little more geography into our lessons, so I created a game about destinations.  We chose 10 places as the route including the start and end locations from the world map.  I wrote each destination on an individual little slip of paper.  I asked T. to choose the route we were going to take to get to our final destination and we lined up our slips of paper to reflect the sequence.

I had the cards from the deck in sequential order.  I would lay down the 2+0 card and ask him “if our plane took off from the airport on time?”, then he would give me the solution to the card and if he got it correct I would lay down the next card under the next slip of paper and destination upon it; 2+1, “Did our plane land safely?” “Did we make our next flight to so and so?” “Adding geological and current  issues was interesting, Iraq, Baghdad  for instance, “Did our plane make it through enemy fire?”, India, Delhi: “Did we make it over the mountains?” etc etc for each sequential card.  As he got stronger with his skill of finding the pattern, we mixed up destinations and flight patterns, then I began to mix up the sequence of the cards.  If he couldn’t answer it, I woudl give a hint, but if after that he still couldn’t figure it out we started again with the same sequence.

T. got frustrated easily with the rules, but he did enjoy embellishing on the story line for each place we went to.  He distracted himself by doing so.  So, I realized pretty quickly how disorganized his thoughts were and the severity in lacking addition skills he is at currently.  Weird, how he has had a major drop in IQ.  Math was not something he has ever had a big issue with, but now I re-teach everything.  Huh.

Anyway, thought I would share this idea of making addition facts an interesting game.


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