First Walk

Today, we took our first walk.  I don’t mean I have never taken a walk, that would be silly.  I mean to say today was the first time we walked around our home since moving here to Iowa.  I have walked about 20 yds back and forth in front of our house at night with the dogs, but have not had the opportunity to walk around our area since moving in.  We arrived in the beginning of winter, but of course, it has to be one of the harshest longest winters locals have seen.  Lovely, huh.  We just brought this crap with us, I think.  Anyway, today was freezing like any other day in MARCH, but the sun was shining and for the first time in a long time we could see all the gravel that is our road.

I had been sick in the last few days and am still not 100%, but I needed to get out.  So I bundled up and headed out with T. for a walk.  We only went about a mile or so, till we found our destination then begin to return home.  It is hard to say how far, really, since you don’t have very many obstacles to use as perspective markers to judge distance here.  It is mostly all flat cornfields.  Lovely, but vast!

T. discovered how to tell time using the sun and his shadow as we walked along the road today and realized that sound travels very far here, since there are no mountains and such to hinder it from reaching us.  We hear highways that I know are 10 plus miles away or more, we here cars pulling into their driveways from several miles away, but oddly enough when you are bundled up and walking next to each other it is hard to hear one another while talking unless you are facing head on. 😛

For miles around my home, various wild life run about in outcroppings of trees or running across empty corn fields.  We have all been alerted to a Mountain Lion close by.  It figures our next animal in T.’s lessons is the Mountain Lion.  How am I going to explain why a Mountina Lion isn’t in a region with mountains.  This should be interesting.  Do you see me squirming now?  Cause I feel it.

The wind cuts across the snow banks and creates wave formations that are so fragile to the touch they simply disintegrate.  Houses that look as though they are near, are in actuality miles away.  It was a cold walk and if T. walked softly at any point in his life, it would have been peaceful too.  Instead, T. really enjoyed jumping around and learning a new native american dance using one foot to hop twice one then exchanging feet to do the same double jump with.  He found this challenging and I found it very good for his balance and building muscle tone.

Now, after having a hearty lunch of leftover ham and potato salad, he lays here next to me and sleeps.  Probably not a wise decision to let him sleep but it is the only time I can relax my nerves.  Hopefully days will begin to get warmer and we venture out further in our area on our walks.

Here are some lovely pictures from our walk today.  Enjoy the scenery from my home.


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