Nature Study: Cattails

While we walked today, I had a specific destination in mind.  I had been searching for Cattails all winter in hopes of joining along with ‘s Winter Nature Study that I had purchased when I first moved out here.  I have always loved this blog and its many accompaniments but have not been able to participate in much of it.  The first study for Winter was Cattails.  Since, we have had no less than 6 inches of snow on the ground and temps well below freezing since the beginning of winter, I have not been able to find Cattails locally.  Finally, I saw some road side during a drive I dont usually take that was close to our house.

When we arrived T. was very surprised to see them and was really thrilled.  I talked about where they grew, as he discovered how soft they were and how the stem was made of many layers similar to corn.  We pulled a little fluff from one and discovered that they were little seeds.  We plan on checking on them and watching the changes they go through over the seasons to come.

Here our some photos of our discoveries.


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